travel first or wait ayear or two

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sundown5200 in Maple Heights, Ohio

66 months ago

I am looking to travel when I graduate from college in 2014. I am wondering should I travel first or stay put and If so, how many years should I wait to travel? I also heard that travling COTAs make more money is this true? One more question. I really like school base therapy but I heard they don't make much, how true is that? I am not to this for the money but I have to live like everyone else and this is why I'm asking. I need to start making decisions about my future can anyone help answer my question please?
Thank you in advance....

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Tramod in Pacific Grove, California

66 months ago

Hey! I've been a COTA for a little over a year now. I worked in a acute care hospital right out of school. I now work at a SNF where traveling therapist is very common. They are expected to jump right in and know what they are doing. I'm very happy with my first job because I was surrounded by several therapist, doctors and a good support system. Traveling a good way to see the world, try out different employment and probably make more money, but you should be confident with your treatment ideas so your not put into a uncomfortable situation. I'd be comfortable taking a travel position now but only because my 1st job experience. Travel/contract positions can also be risky. Even though you may be guaranteed employment, your employment can also end at any time if a facility finds someone to take a full time job.

Hope that helps, just a litte info from what I have seen travel therapist go through lately.

Best of luck!

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