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jeff mar in Phoenix, Arizona


What Volunteer or public interest groups look good on a law school or paralegal job application

Anonymous in Lanham, Maryland

How can I research the background of a judge or an attorney I'm working with?

I would like to check out the background of a retired judge and a new attorney that I am working with. What online resources can I utilize to get...

AusarC in Ellsworth, Kansas

How to finance College Education

I have recently received Pell Grant. But all I want is a Certification in Information Technology. Is a student loan necessary or wise?

rebeccavaz in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Updated 95 months ago

Job Interview Tomorrow - Needs Tips and Moral Support - 5 Replies

I am currently enrolled in an ABA-approved Paralegal Bachelor program and have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. I have been working for the...

Legalstudy in Lyndhurst, Ohio

Updated 95 months ago

Questions about best school for certificate - 23 Replies

Hi! I've been reading many of the subjects on this forum to find out more about the paralegal profession. While a lot more is negative that I...

tornadoday in Brentwood, Tennessee

Updated 96 months ago

Paralegal Interview - 35 Replies

In January, I began taking paralegal courses at a local college. For my Intro to Paralegal Studies class, I am required to interview a practicing...

IsItReallyThatBad in Orange, California

Updated 96 months ago

Paralegal Career Plan and Marketability? What advice can you give to a potential paralegal? - 10 Replies

I graduated from a top school with a degree in Economics. I went to law school and was second in class before I developed a mental illness and was...

paralegal in Bronx, New York

Updated 96 months ago

Jobs - 7 Replies

So I've posted on here before about how I believe my firm is overworking its paralegals expecting them to manage 90+ cases each doing filing,...

rebeccavaz in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Updated 97 months ago

Trying to choose the right paralegal school...looking for some feedback, please. - 3 Replies

I applied to 3 different colleges and got accepted at each for their paralegal programs, two fully online and one online with four prerequesite...

Chita in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Updated 97 months ago

Legal Secretary or Paralegal? - 4 Replies

Good morning all, I've come across this forum and thought this may be a good place to start asking some questions. I recently married and moved...

whatever13 in Corpus Christi, Texas

Updated 97 months ago

I Already Have A Bachelor's Degree In Communication - 13 Replies

I have two options, go for my associate's or enroll in a certificate program. I've heard that people with college degree's can go for the latter. If...

dh in California

Updated 97 months ago

I'm 15 and I'm thinking of a career as a paralegal. Help? - 6 Replies

I've got some questions, first of all. Can you work primarily in the juvenile justice system as a paralegal? And if so, is there different training...

Jane Do Girl in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 97 months ago

What are some thorough quality online paralegal schools? - 1 Reply

I am a legal and medical transcriptionist with a long history of working within the criminal justice system. I am thinking that I eventually want to...

former legal secretary in x

Updated 98 months ago

Typical pay for staff positions is very poor nowadays - 8 Replies

Here's a post from Craigslist in Northern California. Word processors do get paid less than paralegals and legal secs; so this is not as bad as the...

roachgal2013 in Pontotoc, Mississippi

Updated 99 months ago

Paralegal Job Description? - 20 Replies

I'm 28 and looking to start working full time in about 2 years (I'm currently a stay at home mom with two young children). I am not sure what I want...

Monte Mendoza in Mesa, Arizona

Updated 99 months ago

Trashing the Profession - 189 Replies

This is supposed to be a Paralegal Jobs Forum, but more and more it sounds like a place to trash the profession, or complain about previous...

Disheartened in Aurora, Colorado

Updated 99 months ago

Impossible to break into law - 1 Reply

As I'm sure is the case with many other recent grads, I cannot find a legal job to save my life. Employers all want at least 2 years experience. Ok,...

abyrd18 in Battle Creek, Michigan

Updated 100 months ago

What are 10 questions that an interviewer might ask for a paralegal position? - 9 Replies

I have to do this retarded assignment where I come up with 10 questiont that a potential employer might ask of a prospecitve paralegal during an...

kmm in Wilmington, Delaware

Updated 100 months ago

I'm really wondering if I've wasted my money...... - 81 Replies

I live in the metro Atlanta, GA area and just completed a paralegal certificate program. It's hard to believe that so many folks are so negative...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 100 months ago

paralegal diploma or certificate - 59 Replies

My sister in enrolled in a "paralegal diploma" program- how is this different from a certificate program? I'm worried its a scam and she will waste...

Paralegal in Dallas, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

A few questions about the paralegal profession... - 32 Replies

Hello! I'm currently enrolled in a class on effective career development, and one of our assignments is to conduct a series of occupational...

estelamatta in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 101 months ago

freelance paralegal in NYS - 2 Replies

what are the steps for registering my business?

kmm in Wilmington, Delaware

Updated 101 months ago

Transferability of Certificates - 4 Replies

I have a Paralegal Certificate from the UCLA Extension program which is ABA approved. I have been working as a Paralegal for a private practitioner...

challeve in Roswell, Georgia

Updated 102 months ago

Paralegal Advice Requested Specifically from Displaced Legal Professional; All Others Welcome, Please - 3 Replies

DLP, I have read through these fora and though I don't know you, I respect your opinion and your advice would be greatly appreciated. Anyone else...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 102 months ago

Paralegal studies - 4 Replies

Hi, I have moved to Massachusetts having practiced law for three yeras in a foreign country ( Bcahelor of Laws and lawyer). I do not want to do the...

Mimi in Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 102 months ago

Any Corporate Paralegals our there? - 23 Replies

I am a corporate paralegal in Tennessee. I find it very difficult to find other corporate paralegals to network. If you do work in corporate,...

AgentSmithers in Palm Desert, California


In the county of riverside can a Paralegal work alone and represent a client legal in a Traffic / DUI case or must they have a name of an Attorney...

SSgt, USAF in Abilene, Texas

Updated 103 months ago

Is ABA enough - 9 Replies

Should I go to South University online Paralegal program? This program is ABA approved. I will take the 4 required classed at Mississippi College...

Cuban Goddess Chic in Denver, Colorado

Updated 103 months ago

Hiring Increase Seen in Slave Labor, I mean "Interns" - 16 Replies

First off, let me just say that internships are one of the biggest scams out there. It's basically no different than slave labor since your hiring...

Diocletian in Northampton, Massachusetts

Updated 103 months ago

become a paralegal with a record? - 6 Replies

Is it possible to become a paralegal even if u have 3 drunk drivings on your record?

dh in Northern CA, California

Updated 103 months ago

Does Anyone Not Speak English Anymore? - 41 Replies

I'm applying to paralegal jobs here in NYC, and I would estiamte that over 50% of the job postings require fluency in a foreign language, which I...

baverso in Middletown, Connecticut

Gaining entry level experience?

To all who have paralegal experience: If you don't have anyone to network with, what are the best ways to gain entry level experience into the career...

vicque fassinger in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 104 months ago

I'm Torn! & Dunno What to be When I Grow Up! - 19 Replies

I'm gonna sound just like everyone else here. I'm 24, outta work and am throwin in the towel on looking a permanent job. I'm 5 months pregnant and...

Paralegal in Dallas, Texas

Updated 104 months ago

Are "Temp to Perm" Jobs Real? - 3 Replies

I keep seing ads for temp to perm jobs. Do thses jobs really become permanent, or do they just say it does to attract more applicants? If a job is...

dlanderer in Irvine, California

How can I get a job as a paralegal in California?

I will have completed all the requirements for my degree by March. I will have a BA in Political Science (emphasis in legal studies) and a minor in...

Para_ATL in Snellville, Georgia

Updated 104 months ago

Paralegal Or MBA - 24 Replies

Hi everyone, I am a college graduate with 10 years of management experience.But I hate my job and want to switch profesion.I always wanted to go to...

dh in Northern CA, California

Updated 105 months ago

ABA Paralegal Certificate Plus Health Insurance Experience - 14 Replies

I am a forty year old male who graduated from an ABA Approved Paralegal Certificate Program in 08. I have never worked as a Paralegal. I have signed...

Donald_ in New Jersey

Updated 105 months ago

Is this the Start of a New Trend? - 9 Replies

I was browsing through paralegal jobs in my area, and I came across this one from Lockheed Martin. One of the requirements is a JD. If a law degree...

dh in Northern CA, California

Paralegal Employment from Home Recent Grads Welcome

I work as an independant contractor as a paralegal for a bankruptcy/divorce filing service. I am so happy! I am paid with a 1099 and by the case. I...

kmm in Wilmington, DE in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Updated 105 months ago

The "lucrative and growing field" lie - 42 Replies

Why do they keep this lie perpetuating?

dh in Northern CA, California

Updated 105 months ago

paralegal with software experience - 31 Replies

Hi I need real world advice. I want to get a british LLM in intellectual property and internet law. I have a business undergrad degree and worked in...

Paralegal in Dallas, Texas

Updated 105 months ago

Need some solid advise - 23 Replies

I am a stay at home mom, my youngest is going to school next Sept. I was thinking of going to school online for either a paralegal AAS or a post...

Fedup Paralegal in Spring, Texas

Updated 106 months ago

Paralegal to ..... what? I need assistance on what path to travel next - 11 Replies

I am done with lawyers. I have dealt with them for ten years and that is just enough time. I am recently back into the unemployed land of America...


Updated 106 months ago

I Need Some Advice: Thinking of Going into Accounting - 1 Reply

Well, I'm still having no luck finding a job (any job, not just a paralegal one). I was originally hopeful since I thought I had 2 soldid leads, but...

kmm in Wilmington, Delaware

Updated 106 months ago

Being a Paralegal Is the Greatest Job in the World! - 15 Replies

Well, it is according to this article from the ABA Journal: IT and Litigation Support Paralegals Earn a Median of $115K

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 107 months ago

almost done in school and dont know where ill end up - 80 Replies

Im in a paralegal insitute college, and by january I will have my AA, the only thing is this school hasnt really gaiven me the experience i need to...

Lupe Gonzalez in Plano, Texas

Updated 107 months ago

Case Assistant to Receptionist.. - 23 Replies

I just started working at a litigation firm in October as a Case Assistant. Last Friday I was informed that the Receptionist & I are changing...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 107 months ago

paralegal opps in Atl - 15 Replies

I am a recent graduate (BS in Crim Justice, also AS Liberal Arts). Thinking of going after Paralegal Cert (ABA approved). How long does it normally...

kmm in Wilmington, Delaware

Updated 107 months ago

Paralegal---Input Needed! - 9 Replies

I need some input. My background: Over 15 years working in corporate marketing and sales departments in the Technology, Banking, and Education...

Jamie in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Updated 107 months ago

Advice Sought on Networking and Landing a Paralegal Position in Boston or D.C. - 4 Replies

I recently relocated to just outside of Boston from Minnesota where I had been employed as a paralegal for a small family law firm. I also have...

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