Is Becoming Paralegal Wishful Thinking?

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BG in Carlsbad, California

83 months ago

The answer is an overwhelming, yes!

Even law school graduates are suing their schools for misrepresenting the issue of post-graduate opportunities for lawyers. A recent case involves a $200 million dollar class action against New York Law School. Another similar action was filed against Thomas M. Cooley Law School, and they'll undoubtably be others that follow suit.

The reality is that paralegals are dependent on lawyers for a living and that law is one of the worse fields to be in right now. Not only is legal work being outsourced and in short demand, but some of the software they have our right now and developing could very well replace lawyers and paralegals over the coming years. Factor in the legal self-help products on the internet and the future looks rather bleak.

Anyone thinking about a career in the paralegal field is not playing with a full deck. You can save time and money by not choosing a career that is on its way out.
It doesn't matter what type of paralegal credential you have, jobs are in short supply and without any experience, you will not be hired.

Save your hard earned money and look for a better career path where at least you might find a job. Anything else is wishful thinking.


Looking4OPPS in Cleveland, Ohio

83 months ago

Any enlightment to give a new graduate what careers are up and coming? I was told Law is a secure field.


FLFamLawParalegal in Tampa, Florida

83 months ago

Looking4OPPS in Cleveland, Ohio said: Any enlightment to give a new graduate what careers are up and coming? I was told Law is a secure field.

There aren't really any secure fields. We live in a pretty unstable world. I think medical careers are more secure than most (there are always sick and/or pregnant people, after all), but who knows? I am sticking with being a paralegal for now because I have a decent job (for the moment) and being a paralegal is what I know best right now - but I'll do pretty much whatever I have to in order to survive. I think it's important to keep an open mind about work and be prepared to do whatever is necessary to provide for yourself and your family, with a positive attitude.


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