Just received my certification, had a nightmare experience

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MarissaH8637 in Clinton Township, Michigan

91 months ago

I stumbled upon this forum about a week ago. I must say I truly enjoy reading about all of your experiences and find them very entertaining. My story is not unusual. I thought I would share it with you as I am seriously contemplating leaving the field. I have a B.A. in psychology I completed a few years ago. Upon that, being unsure which way to go, I foolishly enrolled in the same university's A.B.A.-accredited paralegal program. I looked at the BLS info and thought to myself 'Wow! This is a growing field, has good pay, I don't have to dole out the big bucks on law school... perfect!' It all seemed perfect... back then. I worked my tail off, received high grades, and generally thought my future looked promising. I started looking for a position about 9 months before graduating. I did not have any legal experience, however, I did have some general administrative experience. I went on a few interviews, all of which led to nothing as I believe they were reluctant to hire someone who was not officially certified yet. Upon finishing school, there continued to be a lack of opportunities. The bills were piling up. I was getting desperate. So I took a job as a clerk at a debt collection firm where I was told I would be put on track to a paralegal position within about 6 months. The pay was TERRIBLE- like Mickey D's terrible- $8.50 an hour. The attorney was abusive towards me. I don't take abuse so I literally told her to eff off one day and just walked out. I'm bartending now, making 2.5x that, and don't want to go back. Should I just throw my education out the window? I put a lot of time and money into it and am really upset.

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