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Priti in Sunnyvale, California

Updated 37 months ago

Job Shadow in Sacramento, CA - 3 Replies

Hi everyone, I am looking for PathA's willing to let me job shadow in the Sacramento area. I am willing to commute 1-2 hours away for this. I...

caylaj88 in Farmington, Missouri

Updated 38 months ago

Advice before applying to PathA programs - 1 Reply

Hello! I will be graduating in Dec. with a B.S. in Biology, a minor in chem, and a 3.1 gpa. I am very interested in being a pathologist assistant. I...

Phil Levi in Indianapolis, Indiana

Chances of Acceptance?

Hi my name is Phil. I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I have worked as a lab assistant/technician for 4 years and I am currently...

Sray28 in Plattsburgh, New York

Updated 38 months ago

Shadowing Opportunity in Riverside County - 1 Reply

Hello! I am currently looking for a shadowing opportunity in the Riverside County area. I'm going to be applying to a PA program this year and...

RobertCast in Cork, Ireland

Updated 39 months ago

What are typical pathology assistant salaries? - 1114 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

AustinGal2015 in Austin, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

Rosalind Franklin Interview - 55 Replies

So I just got confirmation that I have been offered an interview for Rosalind Franklins PA program. I am very excited but also nervous since it will...

caylaj88 in Farmington, Missouri

Updated 39 months ago

IUPUI info? - 2 Replies

I am applying to IUPUI with semi-hope that I get an interview. I have an MS degree, a first-author publication, had a Master's fellowship, and did a...

Sray28 in Plattsburgh, New York

Updated 40 months ago

Shadowing Opportunity - 2 Replies

Hello all! I'm a long time lurker and first time poster. I'm currently a junior at SUNY Plattsburgh and I want to be a pathologists assistant....

njbiodude in New Jersey

Updated 43 months ago

Opinions and Options - 8 Replies

Hi everyone. I am a long time lurker and a first time poster. I currently work in a small hospital with a Unified Science Degree (Physics,...


Updated 43 months ago

Current job options - 1 Reply

I'm curious to know the market for this field. I'm currently an MLS and if you dont care about good hours or pay (relative to schooling) theres tons...

Melissa in Orlando, Florida

Updated 44 months ago

AAPA Questions NY Licensure of PAs - 11 Replies

The latest news about the AAPA's desire to negotiate with New York over licensure of Pathologist's Assistants is below. What are your thoughts? Is...

Cloudsx in Michigan

Updated 45 months ago

Any non-BS degree Pathology Assistant applicants? - 2 Replies

Any non-BS applicants out there who applied to PA school for their masters? What was the result? Would a BA degree with additional science classes be...

Cloudsx in Michigan

Updated 45 months ago

Shadowing a pathologist - 1 Reply

I'm new to this whole thing and I was wondering if anyone would give me information on how to shadow a pathologist if I'm not in the program. I am...

Cloudsx in Michigan

Do Pathologist Assistants draw blood?

I think this might be the right career for me. I'm very interested in health, biology, chemistry and working in a lab. I've heard it is a good career...

Fox23 in Madison, Wisconsin

Pathologist Assistant Jobs in Minnesota

I am interested in becoming a Pathologist Assistant and working in Minnesota. I have searched for job openings around the U.S. just to get an idea of...

Krs1018 in Glenolden, Pennsylvania

Shadowing in Philadelphia

Hi all, I am looking to apply to PA school this summer and am researching opportunities to shadow in the Philadelphia region. I have spent one day...

PathA Enthusiast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Drexel University Sacramento - Pathologists' Assistant Program Accepting Applications

For those interested, Drexel University Sacramento will be hosting an applicant informational webinar for the Pathologists' Assistant Program. ...

T.B. in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 58 months ago

Finding Pathologists' Assistants willing to give shadowing experience - 2 Replies

So I just recently decided that I would like to be a pathologists' assistant. The problem is that I'm having a really hard time finding a PA who will...

yellowpens in Portland, Oregon

Updated 59 months ago

Getting accepted to a Pathologists Assistant program. - 2 Replies

I have recently been looking into this career. It sounds like exactly what I want to do. I'm an undergrad right now and I've taken bio, anatomy,...

FS in Lynbrook, New York

Updated 60 months ago

Waitlisted at Drexel 2012 - 9 Replies

Hey everyone! My name is Matt, and I was just unfortunately put on the waitlist for 2012. Is there anyone out there that can help a scientist who...

Sara L123 in bayside, New York

Updated 60 months ago

Interview with West Virgina!! - 1 Reply

Hello Everyone I just found out today that I have an interview at the University of West Virginia for there Pathologist assistant program. I am...


Updated 61 months ago

Rosalind Franklin Interview - 73 Replies

So I have an interview coming up next Thursday at Rosalind Franklin University for the Pathologist Assistant program. I have a few questions for...

Bianca in Knysna, South Africa

Bachelor of Science graduate

I have just received my Bachelor's degree in South Africa last year December. Is there anyway to get a Pathologist's Assistant job without getting...

James Pa in Souderton, Pennsylvania

About to graduate with a BS im MLS

Going to work on the bench for a few years see where it goes But the school i'm graduating from will open a Pathologist Assistant program in a...

Sam in New York, New York

Did you get accepted without an interview?

I'm guessing this is highly unlikely but I'm just curious. I am fully expecting (hoping) to get an interview for Wayne State this summer but I just...

Sam in New York, New York

Updated 62 months ago

Going to PathA school 8 years after graduating with a BS - chances of getting in? - 4 Replies

Hi guys! I'm 30 years old and looking to apply to Wayne State Uni's PA program for Fall of 2013. I have a BS in genetics from MSU with an abysmal...

yellowpens in Portland, Oregon

Updated 62 months ago

Pathologist's assistant program tuition - 3 Replies

Hi, I am graduating with a degree in Biology and i'm interested in the PA programs at different schools. I have been reading up on all the...

Double Dee in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 63 months ago

Qualifications for getting into Pathology Assistant school - 5 Replies

Hello I am very Interested in becoming a Pathologist Assistant. However I am rather nervous about if I would be a good canadite to be accepted into a...

MandyPR in San Juannull

Updated 63 months ago

UMB Admissions - 1 Reply

I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with applying to the pathologists assistant program at University of Maryland, Baltimore. I'm...

JediCandy in Wyandotte, Michigan

How's the job outlook? How's the field?

Thinking about becoming a PA and was wondering if the job outlook is decent. If you are a PA, do you like your job?

Yorkster in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 63 months ago

Working while in Path A program? - 1 Reply

I think, for the most part, many students fool themselves in thinking 'there's no way I can work, I have to devote 100% of my free time to studies' ...

michael in Brunswick, Georgia

Updated 64 months ago

Successful Applicant Statistics? - 1 Reply

Hey everyone! I would be considered 'pre-PA' and am a bit disappointed in the lack of information about this profession and it's students on the...

krusten in Madison, Wisconsin

Nontraditional background - Any hope?

This forum seems to suggest that most Path A students were in the clinical lab sciences prior to gaining acceptance to their Path A program. I...

Sarita in College Station, Texas

Any internatinal student applying/studying/completed Path A program?

I am recently thinking about taking Path A as a career. I am a foreign medical graduate (also did my residency in pathology) but away form college...

Jess in Sylmar, California

Am I taking a correct route?

Hello everyone! Well, I am currently attending a community college and just changed my major to biology. All I need is to take all the science...

Emily in East Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 65 months ago

Pathologist Assistant shadowing opportunities - western MA or CT - 1 Reply

Hi there, Any PA's in western MA or CT willing to let me tag along for a day or half a day? Trying to learn as much as I can about the...

jesstorr90 in Brandon, Florida

Text books

Hi guys! I'm studying to take the ASCP's histotechnician test these are the recommended books to use to study does anybody have any of these books...

Di in Ottawa, Ontario

Letter of intent for applying Pathology Assistant school

I am preparing the application of the Pathologists’ Assistant Program in Canada. This program is very competitive, the applicant requested to submit...

zoology_pathA_2015 in Kent, Ohio

Applying to pathologists assitant programs, helpful minors...

Hi :) I'm currently a zoology major at Kent State with a pre-med focus. My GPA is a 3.5, I volunteer at a local hospital, and I'm currently working...

Kristen330 in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Looking for someone to shadow around Ann Arbor

Hi my name is Kristen and I'm very interested in becoming a pathology assistant. I'm hoping someone in the greater Ann Arbor (I might go as far as...

Sam Kaiserblade in Venice, Florida

Updated 69 months ago

PA observation in Fort Wayne. IN - 1 Reply

Hi, I applied to IUPUI's Pathologists' Assistant program last year, and I am looking to apply to several Pathologists' Assistant programs for 2013....

mac2010 in boston, Massachusetts

PA Job Outlook in Chicago

Does anyone have any insight on the general job outlook for pathAs in the Chicago area?

smitha7 in Columbia, South Carolina

Personal Statements for Pathologist Assistant program application!

Does anybody else hate when you have to answer the question of why you would like to become a pathologist assistant. I just find those types of...

Michael in Brunswick, Georgia

Updated 70 months ago

Help finding a Pathologist Assistant to shadow in South Carolina!!! - 5 Replies

I will be graduating with my Masters of Science in Biomedical Sciences at the University of South Carolina in August and I am looking to apply to the...

Zeee in Pennsylvania

Interested in becoming a pathologist assistant

Hello I was looking for some advice. I'm really interested in becoming a pathologist assistant. Growing up, I thought I would end up as a doctor,...


Updated 72 months ago

Want to learn more about being an assistant.... - 21 Replies

Hi, I am going to be coming out of high school in a few months, and I wanted to know more about what education I know, what schools I should go to,...

tamparrish in Los Angeles, California

Help finding a Pathology Assistant to Shadow in Los Angeles

Hey, Does anyone know of a Pathology Assistant in the Los Angeles area that I can reach out to about shadowing? I contacted the the AAPA, still...

lalala in Los Angeles, California

Updated 73 months ago

Pathologist's Assistants in the West Coast? - 2 Replies

Are there many job opportunities in the West Coast to find someone to shadow? I live in Southern California and I can't seem to find anyone to...

Madi in Columbus, Ohio

UMB July 2012!!

I was just wondering if there are any other PA students accepted to Maryland for this year looking around on here. I haven't heard a lot from the...

Michael in Brunswick, Georgia

Updated 74 months ago

Orchard Software - 2 Replies

Hi all- Does anyone out there use Orchard Software? If you do, can you comment on how you like it? What do you not like about it? What would...

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