Questions regarding Wayne State University's Pathologist Assistant program.

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Jen in East Lansing, Michigan

76 months ago

I have recently begun exploration into pathologist assistant programs. My major question lies with my investigation into Wayne State University's PA program.

Is there any major advantages or disadvantages of receiving a PA degree from WSU which is a BS degree, or say one of the other programs which are master's degrees? Also would receiving a BS as a pathologist assistant hinder finding a job versus an individual who has a masters.

I am a recent Michigan State University graduate, while I am leaning toward those schools which offer masters programs in a PA degree, rather than a second BS degree I figured insight from others would be very helpful.

Thank you all in advance.


Lexi in Perkasie, Pennsylvania

76 months ago

Hi Jen!

You may get better advice from someone currently in the field but since no one has responded I'll put my two cents in.

From everything I have read and heard Wayne State has an excellent PA program. They do offer a BS instead of an MS but the AAPA site said that may change. If it helps, I exchanged emails with Dr. Frade back in July and this is what he had to say about transitioning:

"We are currently in transition to the graduate degree but not unit 2012. The graduate proposal is going through committees at this time on its way up to the BOG for ratification and launch. Once I have solid news to post, I will do so on our website."

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but from the discussions in this forum I feel like as far as employment in the field goes it doesn't matter if you have a BS or MS as long as you are certified. I guess it depends on who is hiring you and if a MS looks better to them.
In your position I would be concerned about how many of your undergraduate credits WSU will accept and count towards your PathA degree because you may end up having to take otherwise unnecessary courses. Also, teaching positions are more readily available with a Masters, should that be something you ever become interested in.

Good luck with your future endeavors,


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