I have previous experience as a Pharm Sales Rep in Mexico CIty.

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MZ in Rockford, Illinois

84 months ago


I hope you can help me on what do you think my possibilities are to appear as a good candidate for Pharm Sales Rep since I'm not an English native speaker. I'm originally from Mexico CIty, living in USA since 12 yrs ago. My English is not perfect, but I can communicate well, overall using technical/medical terms. I'm currently working as a Bilingual Health Promoter for a Hospital. Love my job, but I don't see many chances to grow because most of the paid hrs are grant funded.
12 yrs ago, I used to be Pharm Sales Rep in Mexico City for GlaxoSmithKline for 2 yrs. In my home country, the are things that Pharm companies look in a sales rep. For example, in your job application your heigh, weight, age, etc, have to be indicated. Looks (polished) and age are very important. Does matter if English is not my native language?
I have a good look, I'm very professional and have a BS as a Phamaceutical Chemist and Biologist. Also I think that being originally from a huge city give me some advantage. I can work on pressure and in not a very flexible schedule. (In Mx you start at 9:00am and have to visit doctor's offices sometimes until 9:00pm or later , depending of the zone you're working on. Also having a lists of more than 200 physicians in your territory is common) Is the same here at USA? It happens that sometimes in English I don't feel that "extrovert", this could be an issue for this kind of position?
What are your thoughts. I'll really appreciate your comments.


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