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Cathy in Urbana, Ohio

Updated 81 months ago

certification - 1 Reply

I am in the middle of taking a course for Patient Care Tech and i just finished Phlebotomy and i want to go a head and get my certification for this...

bdtarver in Union Springs, Alabama


I have been certify since april 2010. I have applied for so my jobs. I have no experience. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP

NEWCPT-1 in Buena Park, California

New Grad CPT 1

Does anyone know who hires new grad phlebotomist besides quest diagnostics? Thanks!

gabster in Montclair, California

Updated 82 months ago

EMT-P to Phlebotomist? - 3 Replies

I have been a paramedic for some time now and have recently been thinking of becoming a phlebotomist. It really seems like something I'd be...

Edward Alvillar in Loma Linda, California

I am one of the best phlebs with over 12 years of experience (I get the "hard draws")

how come its so difficult for me to find another job??? I left Diagnostic Laboratories in February and here it is July and I'm still looking for...

ispeakenglish in El Cajon, California

Best place in San Diego to apply to work as a Phlebotomist

Just mailed out my application for the State clicense. What are the best places around San Diego to work as a Phlebotomist? I've got 6 years...

francis in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 82 months ago

need phlebotomist or lvn that is serious - 106 Replies

I am looking for a phlebotomist to start work a.s.a.p. I will train I have a new growing paramedical company i need phlebotomist call me today. must...

Edna in Kissimmee, Florida

need help, phlebotomist

So I received my Phlebotomist certification in may and I'm frustrated as ever because I haven't been able to find ANYTHING not a volunteer work nor...

sponge boy in Milpitas, California

What's my chances of getting a job as a Phlebotomy

I can do all that I learn in Phlebotomy school and the only thing I stand out from the Normal Phlebotomist people are, I can not draw blood on...

Phlebotek in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 83 months ago

help in finding work as a new Phlebotomy Technician - 6 Replies

I just sent away for my Phlebotomy Technician continuing ed classies , and when I am dun I would like to start working as soon as possible. If...

georgia in Winfield, Alabama

Updated 83 months ago

plebotomy courses near ellijay ga. - 2 Replies

my daughter is looking to take phlebotomy courses and is having a hard time finding classes near ellijay ga. (the 6-8week course) can anyone help? ...

Samuel in San Diego, California

I would like some info how to work as a police phle.

I would like some info how to work as a police phlebotomist can anyone help me out... Im currently living In San Diego

Donna Mowrer in Carleton, Michigan

Updated 83 months ago

Demand for Phlebotomists - 4 Replies

Hi,is there a demand for phlebotomists in California? Specifically in the Bay Area? I am thinking of taking a phlebotomy class in an adult school in...

Thomas in Los Angeles, California

List: different avenues to find a job

Ok, so I just got my state license a couple of weeks ago and now I'm job hunting. I've been browsing the forums for a while and knew that it would...

Emily in Ankeny, Iowa


I live in Des Moines, Iowa. last year I went through a one semester class for Phlebotomy and got my certificate. After, I moved to Davenport looking...

katherine fosque in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 84 months ago

Am having a hard time finding a Phlebotomy Technician job! - 4 Replies

I just finished my four month Phlebotomy program ( also NHA certified) last month and have been applying like mad. The biggest dilemma I find myself...

Marie in Liverpool, New York

Should a phlebotomy course be accredited?

does it matter if the course is not accredited by NAACLS?

lalalisa in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 84 months ago

Got my certification, absolutely no job will consider me. - 6 Replies

I received my california state license about 2 months ago. Since then i apply to about 15 jobs a day online, I harass every hospital in a 30 mile...

Maemt911 in Palm Bay, Florida

Updated 84 months ago

Moving to Arizona from Mass - 12 Replies

I've just finished Phlebotomy school, and I'm planning to move to Arizona. Does anyone know the requirements, as far as licenses, to be a...

nmjacobs78@*****.*** in Newark, New Jersey

Who wil hire a certified phlebotomist with only in class experience

I have a Certification in Phlebotomy through NCCT for 2 years now I have been applying to various hospitals and labs even for an internship to gain...

prettylashey in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 85 months ago

Phlebotomy jobs while in school - 2 Replies

Ho everyone. I lived in Metro Atlanta and I am trying to find out if any knows of any locations hiring currently for phlebotomists? I am currently in...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

Looking for a medical examiner or phlebotomy position - 1 Reply

I have about 8 months of phlebotomy experience,and I am certified through NHA. I am looking to get in to the field of insurance exams. I live in...

kira96 in Pell City, Alabama

(ASCP) Certified

This April will be 1yr. that I have been unemployed. I have been ASCP certified since Jan 2000. I have 13 yrs experience in Hospitals, Plasma...

Kathy Davenport in Justin, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy - 1 Reply

Please help me understand. When A person finish School of medicine and they "NEED A JOB" and these Doctors want at lest One to Two or Five years of...

andre6589 in Victorville, California

How's the phlebotomist job market in the victorville area???

I'm thinking about taking a phlebotomy course, but I don't want to waste time and money if the job market isn't good in my area. Thanks for your help

Sakena in Piscataway, New Jersey

Updated 87 months ago

Does anyone know where I can volunteer as a Phlebotomist and/or Medical Assistant in the Middlesex County area? - 2 Replies

I have been trying to apply for jobs as a Medical Assistant and/or a Phlebotomist. I do not have my Medical Assistant Certification yet but I do have...

amber in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I have a question: I am presently taking courses to get my Phlebotomy certificate. The college that I am going to allowed me to take my Clinical...

Bailey10 in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 87 months ago

legal and ethical issues involving phlebotomy - 3 Replies

My instructor at Brookline College wants me to do a 3 page paper on legal and ethical issues involving phlebotomy, and Im kind of stuck..... any...

blopez in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 87 months ago

California vs Florida Phlebotomy License - 1 Reply

I am currently taking a phlebotomy course this semester and I will receive my license by June. But I am also planning to move to Florida does anybody...

Tsp in Phenix City, Alabama

Job to help with college expenses for two kids

I am a middle school teacher but I will soon ace 2 children in college and must make some extra income. I was looking into training to be a...

Lena3773 in Mapandan, Philippines

Phlebotomy certification / exam in the philippines.

I am a filipino currently residing here in the philippines.Where can we get a certification,liscencing or exam for phlebotomy who wants to work...

sarabeara in Sun City, California

Updated 88 months ago

Phlebotomy Class in California (Inland Empire). Where? - 1 Reply

Looking for a Phlebotomy class in the inland empire. Anyone have any leads? Thanks

xana in Waipahu, Hawaii

Phlebotomist Job In Hawaii

Anyone know of a place on Oahu hiring? I cant seem to find any! Thanks!

Brenda Centeno in Aurora, Colorado

Phlebotomy Course and getting hired with no experience

WHere can i take an inexpensive phlebotomy course for certification near Huntington Park CA? Also if i just take the short term course to get...

Cheska in Riverside, California

Updated 88 months ago

Phlebotomy training - 4 Replies


ahines3 in Irvine, California

Updated 89 months ago

If I were to get a phlebotomy certification in Florida would I be able to work in California? - 4 Replies

My husband is a Marine, I currently live in Florida. But I am planning on starting a 12 week program to recieve my phlebotomy certificate. Then move...

Monique in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 89 months ago

Searching for phlebotomist - 83 Replies

Research study conducted in various states, needs per diem phlebotomist.

Paul in Alexandria, Virginia

Phlebotomy NCCT not Recgonized in most state

Hello All, I heard that NCCT is not recognized in most state.. is that true? If so, what agency is recognized in most state for phlebotomy.

buffalo in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 90 months ago

Just finished my class for certifcation and... - 1 Reply I don't know what to do next. I've filled out countless applications and submitted numerous resumes. Noone wants to hire me because I don't...

barsina in Los Angeles, California

Updated 90 months ago

Need a phlebotomy job!! - 2 Replies

I am looking for a job as phlebotomist. I finihed a classes in May of 2008.

Marcus Henderson in Dallas, Texas

Updated 90 months ago

Just trying to get my foot in the door - 1 Reply

My name is marcus and I am a recent graduate of ATI Career Training Center and also got my Phlebotomy Technician registration from AMT I was...

cheryl in Douglasville, Georgia

Updated 90 months ago

Looking for work in Metro Atlanta - 5 Replies

Hi everyone. I live in Metro Atlanta and I am trying to find out if any knows of any locations hiring currently for phlebotomists? I am currently in...

be sher in Murrieta, California

Updated 90 months ago

Phlebotomy Classes in Riverside - 3 Replies

Does anyone know of any cheap phlebotomy classes in Corona or Riverside?




lourdes.yanes@*****.*** in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 91 months ago

New Phlebotomy Grad Looking for Work - 5 Replies

Hi I recently Graduated from a Phlebotomy Course,and a Ekg course i am looking for employment in phlebotomy.I am certified in Ekg and Phlebotomy.I am...

Evelyn in Chicago, Illinois


I would like to know how can I study to take the exam for phlebotomy without taking the medical assistant class over in orlando fl because I will be...

lmcmah01 in Jackson, Michigan

Updated 92 months ago

Phlebotomist- Looking for a job. - 2 Replies

I am finished with all of my classes, and I can furnish a certificate when needed. I have applied at every hospital in my immediate area (Saint...

chefcookie1 in Los Angeles, California

Considering a caree as a Paramedical Examiner

For the last year I worked a temporary contract assigned for the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a phlebotomist/lab assistant. Now that my assignment is...

Lena in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 92 months ago

Becoming a phlemotomist in New York City - 1 Reply

Hello everyone! I'm a student in NYC and I want to become a volunteer phlebotomist because it sounds interesting and I'm thinking of becoming a...

rknihay in Greensboro, North Carolina

phlebotomy classes

is there a place in greensboro or winston salem, nc where i can get phlebotomy training without having to go through the whole medical assistant...

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