another misdemeanor question

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somethingnew in Richmond, Virginia

104 months ago

Sorry I searched the board t find an appropriate answer but nothing really applied.

here is my question I have an simple assault charge that is a misdemeanor it is 7yrs old. no it didn't happen when i was a teenager or even young. it was a stupid mistake, no other charges (convictions) before or after. I work in a hospital have for have a great work history two jobs 10 years for one 8 years on the other both in hospitals non patient care.

I do administrative work and i was thinking of going back to school to be a ultrasound tech or a PTA or something in patient care. my question is with the background check and all the strictness of working for a hospital is it worth it. i called the board to see if i could even get licensed and they said its case by case.I can provide several letters of references from nurse manager,DR's, nurse educator at my job. but is it worth going through a program and taking a chance. I already work in a hospital so i could transfer but what if i want to venture out later on or i move i will ahve to face this proble. The medical field is not my only option so please be honest and blunt.
also i did a background check of myself and it only came back with traffic tkts but it was a free internet site so it may not be accurate.
Do you think its worth it? opinions needed thank you

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Researching schools to attend in Union City, California

103 months ago

You should really consult with a attorney to consult the law and rules in your state to verify what the rules to licensing are. And also find contact the state board again and find out what crimes totally disqualify you from getting license or certification, in California they would give you a better answer.

But the letter references that you are able to provide, would help you a lot. And also showing the positive things that you have accomplished since you commited the crime. Examples completing school, working, volunteering.

Best of luck

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