Do i go for a A.S or M.S

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Thinking abt PA School in Pompano Beach, Florida

85 months ago

So for the last few months I have been seriously thinking about going to PA school after I get my M.B.A...Will it make a difference if I already have my B.A in Communications and a M.B.A... Should I just get the Master or do a Associate. The main reason I'm considering the A.S because it will be cheaper then the Master. How will this effect my career as a PA?


Jade in Ocala, Florida

73 months ago

You will basically just be grandfathered in because in 2021 all Physician Assistants will HAVE to have a Master's degree. Sure, you'll be restricted from working in some states or some areas in those states but it is the same benefits, same responsibilities, and same pay for the Associate's Degree as with the Master's. Could it affect you getting a job, maybe, but to be honest you are just as certified as the PA with the Master's. I believe experience is what will matter most.

Would I recommend getting a PA? Yep, that's what I'm thinking about doing. Once you get your associate's and start working you can always just bridge over and get your Master's from one of those online universities, there's several of them.

But it's up to you.


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