Grades for Physicians Assistant school

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Bulldog Track in Clovis, California

73 months ago

My goal is to get into a Physicians Assistant program, and I need some input. This school year a couple crucial science grades of mine slipped to Cs. When I look at the prerequisite course lists for the schools I'm interested in those two science grades are the only Cs I have, every other grade I have on their lists are As or Bs. I've been taking prerequisites at a JC ever since I got my undergrad degree. My undergrad gpa when i graduated was 3.24 and my science grades are as follows:

Anatomy: C
Physiology: C
Human Biology: B
Intro to gen. Chem: B
Biology- Life Science: B (science, but not a course that's needed)
Gen. Chem: will take this fall
Microbiology: will take this fall
Organic & inorganic chem: plan on taking

I'm from California and the programs here seem difficult to get into and I could take the the two classes I got Cs in over but I've read that when applying caspa counts the old grade along with the new grade when you take a course over. So what's the point.


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