Interdisciplinary studies in persuit of quantitative analysis

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mwulvik in Jacksonville, Arkansas

69 months ago

I am at that point in my college education where I have to pick a major and stick with it. I want to ultimately do quantitative analysis, but I am having problems deciding on a major.

First, a little background… I am currently in the Air Force and will be for the next few years. Here in the coming months I will be moving to the UK so, all class work must be done online. I completed all of my liberal requirements at Park University and recently transferred to University of Minnesota for accounting.

As stated above I would like to end up as an analyst, but am having trouble deciding how to get there. I could stick with the accounting major and get zero programming knowledge or I could stay with Park and do an interdisciplinary degree. With the interdisciplinary degree I would make sure and hit all fundamental programing classes, discrete mathematics, linear algebra, calc (1,2,3), macroeconomics, microeconomics, and various accounting and financial classes.

To me this sounds great, but I am concerned with the credibility of an interdisciplinary degree in the eyes of future employers and/or grad schools. Please, provide me with some advice on which path to take that will ultimately lead to my chosen destination.

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