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davidcassels in Tallahassee, Florida

57 months ago

I am in the process of applying to a couple of schools in Florida. One has jrcert and the other is not. If I go to the non accredited program, is that going to really hurt my job chances on graduation into an already flooded market?

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Jewel in Abingdon, Maryland

55 months ago

Yes! It will. Since most all the schools are accredited & u have 30 to 40 students grad. each yr. They r going to hire the ones that grad. thru a acc. school. I suggest u NOT go into rad. therapy. There maybe when u grad. that there r going to be 2-3 jobs opened. & u have 30-40 students applying for that job. What do u think your chances r getting that job?? Not good!! There r going to be students going to other states to get jobs, because there r none in there state. Don't waste your time or your MONEY to spend on schooling that u aren't going to get a job in the end. Find something that is going to get u a job in the end. Why spend money on specific courses that aren't going to get u anywhere. Even if u can't get a job in therapy @ the end, u still can't get a job in reg. X-ray without taking another yr. of schooling. Find out what type of jobs they r hiring for in your state. Then go for that! @ least u will have a job @ the end of school. Where everyone else is going to be looking for YEARS! & they still won't get it because they have NO exp. I hope that I'm not to let to let u know. Even if u have gone thru a couple of classes, it's not that far of a lost cause. Go for something that u r going to get a job in the end!
Good Luck!

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