Looking for first job with an MSW, how do I find a job that provides supervision?

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lookingforwork in Vienna, Virginia

84 months ago


I am a newly graduated MSW. I have been done with school for 6 weeks now and I am currently looking for my first job, but there are two problems. Problem #1 is that nearly all the jobs I am coming across want licensed clinical social workers, not new MSWs. Problem #2 is finding a job that will provide supervision.

How do I go about finding a job that will give me the hours I need for licensure? It seems like there just isn't much.


MombytheC in Panama City, Florida

71 months ago

Hi Lookingforwork. I was just going to see if you had had any success in finding a position yet? I have an MSW that I obtained in 1992. I worked for several years and then stopped to be a stay at home Mom. I have been looking now for many months with no success. Same problem here. Everyone wants LCSWs, but you can't get your LCSW without a job. :/


futuregradstudent in Detroit, Michigan

71 months ago

I have my MSW and license, but I want to work in a non-traditional field (education). I still haven't found a job that would qualify me for supervision. I share your frustrations.


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