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Updated 3 days ago

Recently Retired after 30 Years as a Technical Writer/Editor--Looking for Part Time Work Now in MD - 1 Reply

Try looking on That's the best place to look for government agency jobs.

It's Not Me in Petaluma, California

Updated 5 months ago

Changing from software QA to Tech writing. Is this a good idea? - 6 Replies

I have worked in software testing and QA Management for the past 13 years and I've gotten burned out on the stress and the hours. I would like to...

Jason Lunden in Catonsville, Maryland

Advice on finding a job

Hello Everyone, I have a PhD in cell biology/neuroscience (Temple University, 2013), and I am interested in transitioning from being a scientist to...

Mary Lenore in Lebanon, New Hampshire

Updated 8 months ago

Breaking into Technical Writing - 18 Replies

I completed a Technical Writing course last year, but it has not gotten me very far. Even the most entry level technical writing positions elude me....

Brian in Parker, Colorado

Updated 9 months ago

What do entry-level technical writers need? - 3 Replies

Hello all. I am thinking of changing my career to technical writing (amongst other possibilities). What credentials/experience to companies...

Pal in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 14 months ago

How to find volunteer writing assignments - 7 Replies

Hi all, I'm looking to start a job in technical writing and am looking for volunteer projects. Does anybody know of any? Thanks

Piliki in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 22 months ago

Certificate or Degree for Technical Writing - 56 Replies

I am exploring the possibility of taking some online courses in technical writing. I have a Bachelor Degree in English and enjoy writing. Can I...

otheym in sedro woolley, Washington

Updated 33 months ago

Is technical writing for me? How hard is finding a telecommuting position? - 8 Replies

I am a 27 year old female ISTJ, which basically means that I am an introverted, loyal, organized, dependent person who enjoys working independently...

wdtrenfield1 in Brownsville, Texas

Jobs for retirees?

Hey. I'm a retired English teacher, looking at both certificate and masters programs in technical writing. What are my prospects, do you think, of...

Syl in Miami, Florida

Updated 49 months ago

Technical Writing Abroad? - 18 Replies

Hello all, I'm curious if anyone has any advice about working abroad as a technical writer. I currently work as a technical writer, have around 2...

Battlegun in Lake Forest, California

Updated 49 months ago

Looking for a Technical Writer to do an Information Interview - 6 Replies

I've been looking at technical writing as a possible career choice and would love to know about it from first-hand experience. If one of you would...

Alan S in Adelaide, Australia

Updated 54 months ago

technical writing volunteer positions - 1 Reply

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how to find a volunteer position in technical writing. I have a MA in literature and think this would be a good...

Craig in Seattle, Washington

Updated 56 months ago

Entry-Level Technical Writer salary - 95 Replies

I am graduating college this year with a B.A. in English and looking for an entry-level techncial writing position in Nashville, TN. How much can I...

Tennickly in Aliso Viejo, California

Updated 63 months ago

Certifications - 1 Reply

I have a Bachelor's degree in English Technical and Professional Writing with a Minor in Graphic Design. I was wondering about what kind of...

Andrew in Bradford, United Kingdom

Updated 66 months ago

Career advice for a former journalist turned tech writer - 1 Reply

Hello, I'm a technical writer with four years experience creating help guides, support pages, and Web content. My current contract is coming...

Wilfredo G in Buena Park, California

Updated 69 months ago

Demonstrating Proficiency Without Experience - 2 Replies

Hi my name's Wilfredo. I graduated a year ago with a BA in philosophy, intending to become a professor. For various reasons I changed my mind and...

Gable in Hurst, Texas

Updated 71 months ago

Show me the money... - 26 Replies

What are typical technical writer salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...

nicinmn@*****.*** in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 72 months ago

Job Fairs and Technical Writers - 6 Replies

Just wondering if it's worthwhile to attend job fairs when looking for a job in technical writing. If yes, how do I know which ones to attend, and...

johnmac211 in Chennai, India

Updated 73 months ago

Diagraming metal and electronic components - 7 Replies

I've been tasked with the technical writing for my company. I'm a wiz with Visio, Word and powerpoint. But I don't know how I'm going to do assembly...

Stevizard in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 74 months ago

Transition from Public Relations to Technical Writing? Any advice? - 4 Replies

I've been in the field of Public Relations/Marketing for about 5 years and having been recently laid-off, I have debated whether or not to obtain a...

Sana k in India

Pay scale for Technical Writers?

Hi, Does any one have an idea about the current pay scale for Technical Writers in UAE, USA and UK with 4 years of experience? I just wanted to...

jbara in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 78 months ago

Where to start with Technical Writing? - 9 Replies

I'm just discovering this and it seems like a good thing to go into. I am a Creative Writing major and i heard that it can help with the art of...

him8nc in Springfield, Missouri

Updated 78 months ago

Technical Writers, Web Design, and Wordpress - 1 Reply

I have two questions: 1) What are the expectations that employers have for technical writers in regards to content management systems? Do they...

Rob in Washington, District of Columbia

Core IT knowledge for technical writers

I am putting together a short guide to what new technical writers should know. Any opinions on the core information technology knowledge domains...

Rob in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 79 months ago

Informational Interview for technical writers. - 1 Reply

Hello, I'm in a Career & Life Planning college course that is requiring me to do an informational interview with someone in the Technical Writing...

Taggize in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Educational Advise for Technical Writing Career

Hello, I am currently a student struggling to decide on what educational path I should pursue in order to get my foot in the door to eventually be...

Monique in Washington, District of Columbia

Overseas Job?

I am becoming frustrated with living in the DMV area and want a change of pace, but not long term per say. I know gov't agencies and different...

mainer_writer in Portland, Maine

Updated 85 months ago

Technical Writing oppurtunity for engineers - 1 Reply

Many people are finding it difficult to find ajob in this field.What in your opinion they lack?

Michael Aprile in Jonesborough, Tennessee

Updated 86 months ago

Over experience and other dilemmas - 270 Replies

I am a professional senior technical writer with over 28 years of solid, in-company experience across four industries. I honestly have a wonderful...

David Y in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

Updated 88 months ago

job offer - is this a good deal? - 1 Reply

i just got a position in technical writing. it's full-time work but on a contractual basis (no benefits), at $30/hour. as my first technical writing...

Bart in Huntsville, Alabama

Updated 89 months ago

A few questions about a Technical Writer - 16 Replies

Hello, I have a few questions about the profession of a technical writer. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 1. Education, training,...

Nora Smith in Roanoke, Virginia

Updated 92 months ago

Problems involved with providing writing samples - 1 Reply

Hi all, I am new to the Forums, although I have been using the Indeed site for some time. I have run into a problem when providing writing samples...

D Ann in Ironton, Ohio

Updated 92 months ago

salaries - 3 Replies

What kind of salary should I be looking for in Chicago as a non-management senior technical writer? This is for a friend, so I don't have a lot of...

PS in Springfield, Missouri

Starting a job and then leaving

I am looking to relocate to another state soon, but I may be out of a part time job. I have a possible interview for a writing position locally, but...

gurung_rajesh in Iceland

Updated 94 months ago

What graphics, online Help, and publishing programs are most popular? - 3 Replies

I need to add a graphics application, on online Help authoring program, and a desktop publishing application to my skills set (for the past 20 years...

Matt Jacob in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 96 months ago

Questions about Career - 2 Replies

Been reading up on careers in technical writing, but there are a few factors that are really important to me. Can someone fill in the blanks? Who...

Susolov in Houston, Texas

Updated 97 months ago

Transition from Proposal Writing? - 11 Replies

Has anyone made the jump from marketing/proposal writing to tech writing? It seems to be a natural transition, but I'm having a hard time getting...

DocumentDesigner in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Suggestions/Tips on job leads for a Technical Writer with 10+yr experience in Charlotte? : )

Hello everyone, My name is Mahreen and I am a technical writer/editor with 10+ years experience in a variety of industries including aerospace,...

dacoh in Garden Grove, California

Updated 99 months ago

Is technical writing a growing or dying industry? - 1 Reply

Hi all, I'm a newspaper copy editor who has been looking at technical writing as a possible new career. According to various career websites and...

BCamp in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 100 months ago

Graduating with a degree in technical do I get a job? - 1 Reply

I'm graduating with a bachelor's in English with an emphasis in professional and technical writing on May 6. I want to get a job as soon after...

storoyan in Brooklyn, New York

advice on technical writing courses

If anyone is willing to offer advice on technical writing courses, it would be greatly appreciated. To summarize where I am and what I'm looking for,...

Malonee in Covington, Louisiana

Tech Writing Research Paper

Hello everyone. I am doing a research paper about technical writing as a degree program and am wondering if any experienced or new technical writers...

tamron in Astatula, Florida

Updated 105 months ago

Technical Writer Job Search - 1 Reply

I'm graduating with a MA in Professional Writing in August. I've started my job search and even applied to some positions; I've received no...

ARod in Winnipeg, Manitoba

How to find work as a technical writer in the academic world

I'm reasonably academically trained for a career as a technical writer, but unhappy with what I'm finding as my career prospects. I earned a BA...

Techone in Hillsboro, Oregon

Updated 106 months ago

Interview Preparation - 5 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming technical writer interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

m_writer_a in Mississauga, Ontario

Structured Authoring and CMS

Does your group make use of a content management system in its authoring process? If so, is it free or commercially sold? Open or closed source?...

David Mathi Raj in New Delhi, India

Updated 108 months ago

What's the best screen capture software for everyday tech writing graphics? - 12 Replies

What is the best screen capture software that allows for easy capture of screens and allows you to manipulate graphics?

AV in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 108 months ago

Grad School for technical writing - 6 Replies

HI, I'm about to graduate with a BA in English and would like to pursue grad school. What is the best degree to pursue in Grad School for technical...

Dante in Royal Oak, Michigan

Technical Writing Degree

Hi all - There are so many roads to becoming a Technical Writer, it is very confusing! I don't have any science classes - nor do I have any...

atpcliff in Lomé, Togo

Updated 108 months ago

Technical Writing Duties - 1 Reply

Hi all - I'm considering becoming a technical writer and was wondering what (in the words of real people) a technical writer does? I've looked...

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