Tips for unix system administrator interviews.

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming unix system administrator interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?


Terry in Libertyville, Illinois

116 months ago

#1 tip! Do NOT try to come off as a know it all....

Any good admin doing an interview can and will try to trip you up. (I know... I do it ;-)

Be honest, it will impress an interviewer more that you know where to find a solution to a problem than actually knowing it.

This goes for any interview.

Dress to impress, be on time! Spell check spell check spell check! (If you send me a resume with misspelled words... I wont read any further), do your homework... know a little about the company, their business, their customers, their mission statement.

When I interview I look at it this way... They have already decided that I could work for them; they have to pass my tests now. Go in with questions and interview them (preferably written down).

As for common questions, people vary so will the questions, some go all tech, others go personal, you need to have good interviewing skills it’s that simple. Practice; if you know anyone who does interviews ask them to do some mock interviews.


opsdollar in Marlborough, Massachusetts

107 months ago

I agree with the previous reply. I would also like to add that you should treat the interview as you would any normal conversation with a colleague or someone else you know who you would describe your job to. This way, hopefully you will not be too nervous as to forget some key items that would normally come easy. Also, be prepared to be surprised with a test, either written or hands-on. I typically have both, and it's a good way to find out someone's real EXPERIENCE rather than if they have memorization skills. Most people get less than 60% on my written test, but we still hire them. The idea isn't to see if you pass or fail, but rather to get an idea of the depth of your knowledge, and also of course if you really have the experience that's stated on your resume. As an example, if you say you have experience with EMC Clariion yet you've never logged in to Navisphere or even know what a RAID Group is, I'm not going to be very happy when I find that out during the interview. As the previous replier stated, be honest. Both in person and on your resume.


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