Top veterinary assistant skills needed to get the job.

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What are the top 3 traits or skills every veterinary assistant must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your veterinary assistant expertise?


bailey in Redondo Beach, California

137 months ago

I have been researching how to go about becoming a vet assistant. I went and talked to the vet tech at my dog's doctor's office. She was saying to attend SCROC (S. CA Regional Occupational Center) and take the semester long course which is actually titled "Veterinary Assistance". They have on the job training. I've also seen many online schools. They both reward you with a certificate of completion. Is that a good way to go? What do you all think is the better option?


Frixouy in Philippines

116 months ago

Hi I am 26 year old Filipino Veterinarian, single and I want to study in US to upgrade my vet skills. However I must earn my tuition. Can anyone offer me a clinic jobs there in Wiscounsin so that I can realise my dream? tnx. I have relatives in Wisconsin


Lloyd Moore in Bethesda, Maryland

92 months ago

What you want is to become a "credentialed Veterinary Technician" this involves getting an Associates Degree, in Veterinary Technology and taking the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Examination). This allows you to perform more advanced procedures. A credetntialed Technician is legally allowed to do anything except Diagnose, perscribe, and surgery. (that question is on the VTNE). Ive been one for 13 years and I love it!


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