Vet Tech DLP versus Traditional Classroom

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agoite in Dallas, Texas

107 months ago

Greetings. I am finally (at 30) taking my career in the direction of my passion: Animals. I am considering enrolling in a AVMA accredited distance learning program, but I'm curious if veterinary offices/veterinarians have an opinion of a DLP versus a traditional classroom program--do they have a preference of one over the other? Would my decision to enroll in an online program deter from my "hirability" at a vet clinic?

Many Thanks!


CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

106 months ago

Many vets do prefer an on-site program if they are hiring you after you have finished school, but if you have a position in a veterinary facility and then you enroll in school it's not such a big deal because they do the training and know what your skill level is like once the program is completed.

As you are in Dallas, why not go ahead and enroll in Cedar Valley College's veterinary technology program? It's AVMA accredited, you would be paying in-state and in-county tuition and it's a well-respected program.


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