Vet assistant

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Jessica in Greenville, South Carolina

129 months ago

I am 19, I have yet to get my GED, and went through three years of High School, but couldn't go through the last year. I am going to apply at a local vet office that has a vet assistant openning, but I want to know...will they even consider me? I have owner several cats. Rescued feral cats, and fostered tehm. I also own a husky. I clean up after tehm as well. I also have had three rabbits and countless hamsters and one rat. I've been bitten in the face, the finger, and hand by my own cats and those i've rescued. So in the long term, i have a good bit of expreance with animals(although not the most) and I want to work with them so much. I also really need a job. So would they hire me?


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