Video Editing vs. Corporate Communications

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TrumpSC in Pearland, Texas

88 months ago

I am a transfer student attending the University of Houston and my original major was supposed to be Media Production. However, I wasn't clear what I was going to use this degree for, and after completing a few searches on and other job search websites, I became fearful that "media production" wouldn't yield many job opportunities in this area.

I foolishly changed my major from MP to Journalism and then Corporate Communications, thinking that I might have better opportunities after college. My friend is still in MP and she has taken interesting classes in non-linear editing. As for my current degree, I'm not enjoying it and I'm unsure if many companies are hiring employee communicators (with the exception of HR and Public Relations).

- If I were to change my major back to Media Production, what are several ways that I could use this degree after college? Video editing is one path, but what are other ways?

- Houston is a large city, but surprisingly there appears to be a small market for media professionals. Why is that?

- Should I keep my current degree, and then take the editing courses? The reason I chose MP in the first place was because I have some experience.

My parents want me to graduate this semester, and if I chose to change my major or take more classes, they won't stand for it.

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Chris Northcross in Pontiac, Michigan

87 months ago

Wow, sounds like you're in a rather tenuous position. The good news is you've got a lot of options, The tough news is that you need to figure out what you want to do.

If your parents aren't going to foot the bill for you to change majors and you don't think you're going to be able to find the money to pay for it yourself, you might just need to finish up your degree and move forward from there. If you're really interested in media production, there are a lot of ways into the biz that don't require a degree. One of the easiest ways is to find a production company and intern there (or many smaller town television stations will hire production assistants and train them - pay isn't great, but you can get paid to learn some skills (instead of the other way around)

But before you go that far, the big question is why media production? Is it something that you really enjoy doing?

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