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Rex Vanderpool in Overland Park, Kansas

Updated 4 months ago

Does ANYONE hire inexperienced welders? - 29 Replies

Over 1 month ago I graduated from Tulsa Welding School. Since then, I've done everything I can think of to find work, but because I have no prior...

KMac in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 5 months ago

Can someone take a moment and explain the best way to become a certified welder? - 8 Replies

Can someone post THE best way to become a certified welder? Should you attend a local commmunity college? Or a specific trade school...

Tiffany in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 9 months ago

Women Welders - 307 Replies

I am a woman welder and have 35 year experience. Why is it so hard for men to accept a women out in the field. I am 6G certified have my own rig. ...

weldingt in Greeneville, Tennessee

My Experience with the $50 an hour pipe welder test in Newport News

This page may help some that are considering heading to Newport News for testing. Make sure you talk with your recruiter. https://wp.me/P8Uwjj-4u

Anthony in Minnesota

Updated 15 months ago

Do overseas jobs pay a lot? - 86 Replies

This may be a stupid question, but I know a guy who got paid $250,000 for 6 months of welding work in Germany. He got the job from a guy who was...

dehvon in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 16 months ago

Does it worth it to move to Alberta for a welding job? Considering the rent is so expensive there? - 481 Replies

I am a welder with 2 years exp. I am considering taking a High Pressure welding course so I can get a good job in Alberta, but THEN my friend advice...

KKD in Collierville, Tennessee

States that pay Welders the most?

States that pay Welders the most?

Maccawelder83 in United Kingdom

Jobs in Canada

Ive 10 years experience. I have my own wrought iron business in England. Is there anything positive I an give and gain.in Canada?

Thomasjudebillings@*****.*** in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Updated 25 months ago

Welding Jobs - 6 Replies

I am 53 years old, have over 37 years expeirience, an associates in welding tech. Six certifications. and i still can't find a decent paying job. So...

Jwilliams in Plano, Texas

Welder school

I am wanting to get into a welding career. I'm half ass good at it from just fooling around the yard. What are the best schools to go to? I was...

Guy Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 25 months ago

apprenticeship entrance exam, welder - 3 Replies

Hello, Can anyone direct me to a website that may have sample exams for the exams involved in getting an apprenticeship in welding? Thanks

James Hammond in Hope Mills, North Carolina


im james 20 years old andready to hit the road where are some good road companys

Matt in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 32 months ago

how to get on as a roustabout ? or roustabout welder - 2 Replies

Ok so half a year ago I applied to literally every offshore company I found for roustabout. No one ever called me so now im on track to graduate...

Matt in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 32 months ago

Is it possible for anyone to become good at welding? - 2 Replies

I am curious if it is possible for someone with absolutely NO experience to get good at this trade. I have never done this before and I am wondering...

John paul Williamson in Whitehaven, United Kingdom

Updated 33 months ago

introduction - 4 Replies

your company require welder,we are organization of welder exist in island of Batam Indonesia,ready for working your company ouur experienced welder...

James44 in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 33 months ago

Suggestions getting started welding in Alberta - 1 Reply

I have been welding for a about 3 years now in my dads shop mainly doing artistic stuff. but have worked in other facilities doing structural and...

Pat in Houston, Texas

Thinking about starting a career in welding .Advice needed

I'm thinking about getting started in a apprentice school ..I mainly want to know ,which type of welding is best ,involving , Pay and...

iamconfused in North York, Ontario

Opportunities After Red Seal Exam

I just finished my welding training from Weldtech Training Inc. in Mississauga, Ontario. I had enrolled for the specialized course for Red Seal Exam....

Philip L in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania

Welders 5-10

I am looking for 5 - 10 welders that have outside facilities experience. This is for work from the wellhead to the compression station. It has a...

Beastmode in Tallahassee, Florida

Can not get job in welding at all.

I graduated from a vocational school to get certifications in welding under a year ago, and since then i have non stop put in resumes for jobs, and...

River Newborn in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 51 months ago


I am an experienced Heavy Equipment Operator/Welder with 10 plus years of experience. Does anyone know of any companies hiring? I have registered...

Kris cochran in Toccoa, Georgia

Welding in the future

I'm a welder in high school and am looking for a great job out of high school and during college any suggestions???

Tyrone in Kingston, Jamaica

not getting paid for what i did

I have dun some great job and at the end of the day the paye is still the same.

Alex in Conroe, Texas


i need a welding position anyone feel free to help again help me its freee!

Sayyed riyaz in San Mateo, California

Updated 52 months ago



Ryan Verrecchia in Thurso, Quebec

Need some info

I live in quebec So I'm starting my apprentice welding course soon and they also have a b pressure welding course as well I'd like to know if taking...

simcic67 in Dubuque, Iowa

Updated 61 months ago

mig welder - 6 Replies

I have 20 years experiance with mig.I am a very fast,hard worker.I am honest and truystworthy.I am a felon(drug crime)I made a serious mistake in...


Updated 64 months ago

Going to welding school in Woodward, OK - 1 Reply

I am planning on attending welding school in Woodward Oklahoma at High Plains Tech and have no prior experience welding. I have always wanted to...

aksz71 in Macon, Georgia

welding jobs north alabama

I can mig weld but I'm not certified. Can do a little stick welding been 2 years ago but I was welding at heil environmental in fort Payne Alabama...

evilwelder in Irwin, Pennsylvania

Updated 72 months ago

North Slope Jobs - 7 Replies

Does anyone know how to get a job up on the North Slope?

Fábio Silveira in Faro, Portugal

Inexperienced Welder Student

Hello, i recently ended a Welding Training Program of 11 months with the processes EAM (111) and Mig/Mag (135/136), we had to do some internship at...

Dustin in Windsor, Colorado

Updated 77 months ago

Welding Student Seeks Guidence From Veteran Welders!!!! - 2 Replies

My name is Doug Hall, 35, I am currently in my second semester of welding at frontrange community college. I plan on getting the associate degree in...

ironhorse in Cary, North Carolina

Updated 78 months ago

Best state for a recent welding graduate? - 3 Replies

My girlfriend and I are looking to move to a state that has more welding opportunities than wichita has to offer me. We figure that moving to a state...

Mike in Meadville, Pennsylvania

Updated 78 months ago

Breaking into the Welding industry - 2 Replies

Hey yall, I'm currently 21 and I have some basic welding experience (Oxy-fuel, TIG, and some backyard wirefeed). What is the best way to break into...

vanessa in Burlington, Ontario

Updated 79 months ago

Rig Welding Jobs In Alberta - 412 Replies

Me and My father-In-Law have a small company with 2 Rigs and a Picker Truck but have not been able to find work since December. Anyone know of any...

Jerry in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 79 months ago

Tulsa Welding School - 11 Replies

I am looking at Tulsa and my area tech college to get my degree. Tulsa's got a 7 month program and the one at the tech college is a year to get a...

866 in New Westminster, British Columbia

Updated 80 months ago


I am a 37-year old trying to change my profession by learning a trade: welding. Any hints on getting a local employer to take me on? I understand...

-FIRE-AND-SMOKE-- in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 80 months ago

How to get into pipe welding in Alberta - 1 Reply

Hi. I'm 17 years old turnning 18 in april. After highschool I would like to go to school for welding, but I don't know where to start. I would like...

Ski Bum in Spring Valley, California

Union Apprenticeship vs Trade School/College?

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am a 38 yr old woman who is looking for a career change. Many years ago an old family friend who was in the...

DTowery in Mexico, New York

opportunities in upstate NY, north of Syracuse

I'm currently enrolled in a welding program with BOCES which I will complete with certifications at the end of July. Does anyone know of any...

kenneth in Bismarck, North Dakota

Updated 84 months ago

Need part time welding job or any job in a shop - 1 Reply

Hi, My name is Max, 18yrs old, and I am looking for a part time job as a welder or any opening job in a fab shop (Preferably trucks or cars but will...


Work In Northwest Indiana

I Herd That B.P. Is Calling All Kinds Of Welders From The South. How Can I Find Out What Contractors They Are Using ???? Im A Certified welder That...

The Apprentice in Fargo, North Dakota

Women Welders, New to Welding Field

I would like to comment on my experiences here in Fargo North Dakota... I am an older than average, 44, Female who recently decided to change from...

tulsa weld student in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 89 months ago

Tulsa Welding School/ Helpful Information - 3 Replies

Hey guys, I have asked questions on random forums but no responses yet. I am taking a year off from my other profession i wanted to get in to follow...

Joe Mayo in Ocean, Mississippi

How to become welder in Canada being a American Citizen

What's the best advice on trying to work in Canada. Would one need to attend a canadian apprentice school and try to get hired on by and employee. If...

kurt mckinnon in Santa Monica, California

tig welding jobs in ca

Just wondering if anybody knew of any good tig welding jobs close to Santa Monica CA.Just recently relocated here. I have went to trade school for...

Sharon Perry in Florida

Updated 93 months ago

Where are the decent welding jobs? - 4 Replies

I went to Lincoln Electric Welding School 2 years ago and took the SMAW, GMAW, and FCAW courses then I worked the last 2 years at strip mines in West...

Brandon9k in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Things i need to have a sucessful career in welding

Im thinking of going to tulsa welding school and taking the master welder program or get the associates degree of welding scicene and technology but...

STINGER1 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 95 months ago

Internet Fraud ???? - 3 Replies

I have been offered a contract from a company called Pentro Drilling Limited. To procedeed with my documents they ask me to send them 350$ over the...

buddydgb in Essex Junction, Vermont

Updated 96 months ago

modern welding school Schenectady ny - 1 Reply

hey evreyone im 25 looking to change careers and want to learn how to weld the right way. Im from syracuse ny and am looking at two schools one being...

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