Union Apprenticeship vs Trade School/College?

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Ski Bum in Spring Valley, California

73 months ago

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am a 38 yr old woman who is looking for a career change. Many years ago an old family friend who was in the Plumbers/Pipefitter's Union had snagged my interest in the welding trade. Life went in a different direction at that time, but I am looking for a change now. I enjoy working with my hands, being physical and a change in work environments. I am single, and while I live in SD am not necessarily tied to any one location. The idea of welding has been stuck in the back of my head all these years and I have been giving a lot of thought to finally pursuing this. I have done some research and there are a couple of trade school here in the San Diego area, but I understand they have fairly long waiting lists. I know that there is also the apprenticeship programs offered by the various Unions. I was wondering if I might get some feedback or advice in what you think would be the best avenue to pursue this goal and if you lean towards a Union, which one and why? Thank you ahead for taking the time to read this and get back to me :)


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