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giulia blanca

Updated 23 days ago

Mobile X-Ray Salary - 244 Replies

Me personally, I think you should go for it! Are you still at home? Working? Start saving money now. With x ray you can work in a clinics, hospitals,...

Donna McGovern in Brick, New Jersey

Updated 8 months ago

Getting ARRT license back - 15 Replies

My license was revoked 3 years ago. I am now trying to get it back. ARRT sent me forms and told me to send them a written request. If anyone has had...

karin in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 9 months ago


If you work for Chicago portable x-ray/Cal devon urgent care(Right of California and Devon). You get $20/patient up to 5 patients in one home( A lot...

Breal in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Updated 15 months ago

How to get back at work as a x-ray tech after 8 years - 2 Replies

What advice can someone give me on how I get back into the work force as an x-ray tech. left to raise my daughter?

Ceasar in Orlando, Florida

Updated 20 months ago

Stariing a mobile imaging company. - 4 Replies

After working as an X-Ray Tech for over 10 years now I just don't wish to work for anyone anymore. I would love to start my own mobile company does...

Pkelly in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Updated 21 months ago

on the job xray training - 10 Replies

I recently started working as an assistant for a doctor. I have been shown by the previous assistant and the doctor (only briefly) how to shoot and...

radtechjr in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 23 months ago

What are typical x ray tech salaries? - 9 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

whitney in Brighton, Colorado

Updated 24 months ago

Concorde Career Institute for X ray Tech? - 6 Replies

I'm planning to move to Denver and attend Concorde Career Institute this summer. I've been researching alot on this school, and havent found any...

DRONES in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 27 months ago

starting a career as an xray tech - 60 Replies

i'm thinking of getting into training for an xray tech. can anyone give me some advice about that? is it a good career to get into? how long does it...

DRONES in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 30 months ago

On-call compensation - 1 Reply

I am currently a CT technologist at a hospital in New York, NY. Currently there are two people that cover the hospital's radiology department on the...

Famousumair in Garland, Texas

Is X-ray Tech or Ultra Sound Tech a good career?

Trying to determine what medical field to get into. I'm 27 and wanting to do a 6months-1year course type thing and the only ones I see are X-ray tech...

Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

Updated 51 months ago

Give it to me straight up - 153 Replies

Hi my name is Olivia. I am 20 and currently doing my prereqs the closest x-ray tech program in my area. I have to finish Medical terminology and do...

Edward23 in Baltimore, Maryland

Does obamacare really boost the job market for radiography?

Does obama care really boost the job market for radiography? The job market is terrible still. Will it ever bounce back like it was in 2005 or 2006

Radguy1 in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 53 months ago

classes - 1 Reply

someone tell me is radiology tech school harder than nursing school or about the same

Radguy1 in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 53 months ago

Do most xray tech jobs with an MRI cert come with benefits like health insurance? - 1 Reply

Hi there, I have been a self employed computer programmer for 17 years. Being self employed I have always had to pay for my own health insurance...

Radguy1 in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 53 months ago

Radiology Tech/Xray tech job market right now? GIVE ME THE REAL SCOOP! - 2 Replies

Looking into doing either a diploma program for xray tech or an AS program for radiological technology. Either way, I already have my BSBA but I just...

Radguy1 in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 53 months ago

Best path to take for a rad tech? - 1 Reply

Hello!! I spent the last 2 yrs working my butt off to be one of 16 people accepted into my school's radiography program, which I will begin in 2...

Radguy1 in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 53 months ago

how to come a good x ray tech - 4 Replies

iam 18 and i love to look at x ray....but know i wit to do it....

Radguy1 in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 53 months ago

How can I become an x-ray tech? I already have a bachelor's degree (in Economics) - 70 Replies

Does anyone know how long it would take for me to become an x-ray tech? I'm not interested in going to school for very long. I have a 4-year degree...

Olecranon_Don in Brewster, New York

Updated 67 months ago

Give It To Me Straight.... X-Ray Tech Job Description - 1 Reply

Hello all who read. I'm currently taking Anatomy and want to be an x-ray tech. The bones/skeletal system dont seem hard at all, but the other body...

3volovE in Friendswood, Texas

Updated 68 months ago

Military veteran needs to get ARRT. Please help - 3 Replies

I was trained as an x-ray technologist at fort Sam Houston Texas back in 1988 when I enlisted in the Army. I was stationed at Letterman Army Medical...

Charles Pi in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 70 months ago

FIND A NEW CAREER!!!! - 7 Replies


Alice105 in Bronx, New York

Updated 72 months ago

Radiologic physics??? - 2 Replies

I know the program at my school needs a Physics course called Radiologic Physics to be an x-ray tech. The few things I read on different forums and...

Ruben in Bronx, New York

Updated 75 months ago

College Graduate Radiologic Technologist Seeking Employment In NYC - 1 Reply

Hello and thank you for reading. My name is Nicholas Drexler and I graduated from Hostos Community College in New York City with an associates...

Joe Gabriele in Saratoga Springs, New York

How's the current job market?

All the comments about how bad the job market is, are posts from 2 yrs ago during the 10% unemployment period and when everyone thought the world...

Alina in Wallaceburg, Ontario

Updated 78 months ago

classes for x ray tech? - 79 Replies

Im going to be a senior in high school and i have no idea where to go after it, i was thinking of x ray technician, i work well with computers, and...

Davi in Brooklyn, New York

Interview X-RAY TECH (Thanks for help)

hELLO? IS THERE ANY POSSIBLE WAY YOU CAN MAIL ME THIS? thank you so much for time? Full name: Place where work and address: STATE ,zip...

Cohos in Collingwood, Ontario

Reciprocity Canada to Florida usa

I'v been an X-ray tech fir 25 years, ct, angiography, pediatrics and most recently mmaomgrapher. What are the chances and requirements to...

mattiemjk in Naples, Florida

Updated 80 months ago

I still don't have a job - 1 Reply

I graduated December 17thof 2010 with a degree in Radiologic Technology...that was a Friday...the following Monday (Dec. 20th, 2010) I passed my...

YoYo in Concord, North Carolina

Updated 81 months ago

Echo Tech - 1 Reply

I am currently a R.T.(R) not working in the field. Wanting to give it another shot and try to get into the medical field, is Echo a good choice?

Kriket14 in Springfield, Illinois


I was talking to someone today and she stated the she was a MA and that there was also a LPN that got re instated by just having a doctor write a...

gatorboy32 in Orange Park, Florida

MRI schools in Florida

Does anyone know where in Florida i can get trained as an MRI tech..can you train online or attend a school somewhere? i have been searching and...

DRONES in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 85 months ago

What is the current salary/hourly range for Diagnostic X-ray Techs in California? - 2 Replies

I am currently in the process of re-locating to California and am trying to get a feel for the job market as well as the pay rate/range in the state...

DRONES in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 85 months ago

Can't find a job since OCTOBER 2010. Honor student, got 90 on ARRT - 1 Reply

This is ridiculous. Jobs simply do not exist. I wasted money and time for the school. 2.5 years, Honor student, passed my ARRT with the score of 90....

DRONES in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 85 months ago

Does this career cycle with the economy? - 8 Replies

I'm working on my pre-requisites now to apply for entry into the Radiography program here. I have a full year of pre-reqs to finish before even...

sherlock in Lancaster, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

Is there anyone hiring??? - 2 Replies

I am a recent graduate---X-ray/Medical Assistant and it seems that everyone always says I don't have enough experience. I am really starting to get...

Ex Mobile X-ray Tech in Charlottesville, Virginia

Updated 90 months ago

Rad- Tech/ X-Ray Tech shooling: is it hard??? - 4 Replies

I am thinking of going into Rad-Tech to become an x-ray tech in So. California. For anyone that has gone through or is going through the program, let...

Anthony in Columbus, Ohio

Question for Techs in Miami, Florida or the South Florida region

What is the starting pay down there? I know there are no jobs at the moment, but I was curious about the wages down there. I graduated in June and I...


job market

Im writing to let everyone know that I love taking x rays and I just finised up and took the ARRT and have all the tools to be a x ray tech. I...

Amy in East Orange, New Jersey

Seriously whats the deal with these Radiology tech aides job

I personally think they are taking away jobs from actual X-RAY TECH because the job description seem to be for an x-ray tech?

purplepeppermint in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts

Updated 94 months ago

Are x ray tech job opportunities growing or declining? - 1 Reply

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most x ray tech...

Justin in Levittown, New York

Updated 96 months ago

Trying to get employment in the x-ray field - 1 Reply

I am having real difficulty finding any position in x-ray. I have applied to about 15 positions that I have seen in my area. It is approaching 1...

dj in Bolingbrook, Illinois

Updated 97 months ago

what is the difference between limited and unlimited scope? - 2 Replies

Is there a diff bet the two? Does it matter with getting certified? or even getting a job?

taurus20red in Stockbridge, Georgia

Updated 100 months ago

as a xray tech the best place to work - 2 Replies

where is the best place to work as an x ray tech a private practice or hospital? what are the pros and cons of working at either? who pays more...


Updated 101 months ago

Radiology Tech - 1 Reply

Can I sit for the AART test being that I finished 98% of my schooling?

g in Los Angeles, California

Updated 104 months ago

x ray tech schools - 1 Reply

Would recommend any x ray schools in the Los Angeles area (specifically San Fernando Valley)? I'm older and have a baby, so no money and time to...

JR in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 107 months ago

Radiological Technician: Worth the time and money for high school students to dig into? - 2 Replies

I am currently a junior in high school and have found high interest in the position as a Radiological Technician. I have talked with health teachers...

erikamccoy80 in Hamilton, Ohio

Updated 108 months ago

going to school at 45 - 2 Replies

i have been in the restaurant business for many years and am seriously thinking about going to school to become an x ray tech!will i be the oldest...

Bobo in Beaverton, Oregon

Updated 110 months ago

X Ray Tech Schools in Colorado Springs, CO - 1 Reply

I live in Arizona right now and moving to Colorado Springs, CO at the end of September.I have decided that I want to go to school to be an x ray...

Douglas in Huntsville, Alabama

X-Ray Tech Training in Charlottesville, VA?

My wife and I may be moving next year to Charlottesville,VA. I was wondering if anyone might have any advice / thoughts about schools there that...

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