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New York, New York

Anyone familiar with the NYC government hiring process?

Hi! Anyone familiar with the hiring process for the NYC government agencies? I went on an interview and received an offer for employment back in the...

1214 59 minutes ago Waitingforthere in Richmond Hill, New York
Cleveland, Ohio

Why is so hard to get a good job in Cleveland, Ohio

I've gone on several interviews as Product Marketing Manager.. One of the companies is a wireless company w/national accts... My interview was with 5...

111 3 days ago Bdavis2 in Evansville, Indiana
Iva, South Carolina is not connecting child care providers with those seeking child care.

I attempted to apply for a job I found on Indeed but the only way to do it was through the website which turned out to be a scam -- I would...

0 3 days ago lovingNurse in Hartwell, Georgia
Seattle, Washington

Why so difficult to get a new job in Seattle?

I've been able to land a group in-person interview, and phone interviews (which go well), but they always say they ended up going with an internal...

16 7 days ago Robert in Renton, Washington
San Antonio, Texas

why is hard for a felon to get a job but if your a lawyer,judge no problems

I made a mistake and paid for it but im poor if I go fill out an app. im praying they call me to work.I have expereince in all kinds of trades but Im...

275 9 days ago Coshabro2789@*****.*** in Knoxville, Tennessee
Las Vegas, Nevada

Best companies to work for in Las Vegas?

What companies are fueling growth in Las Vegas? Why are they a great employer?

465 10 days ago Miirien in Dallas, Texas
Chicago, Illinois

Jobs for felons I.T is the way to go...believe me.

I am a convicted felon so I know how hard it is! what I did was go back to school for computer networking. when I finish I will have an A+...

80 21 days ago Esoteric Machine in Future City
Glens Falls, New York

Moving to Glens Falls

So soon i am going to be moving to glens falls to be with my family(after being in a long distance relationship for awhile). I'm just wondering since...

0 22 days ago Existence in Brick, New Jersey
New York, New York

personal assistant scam/firstworldagency

I've found a job listing on Indeed and on Craiglist for a "super cool celebrity author" which I applied for and got an email back about within at...

43 23 days ago Nickey in Oakland, California
New York, New York

Billingual Discrimination - Spanish

Frustrated with the majority of all customer service/ entry level jobs in this city requiring or "preferring" bilingual employees to speak...

6 28 days ago Susan B1 in Jamaica, New York
Sacramento, California

Smud written examination

I qualified for a written examination for an accounting position with SMUD next week and was wondering if anyone knows what it will be on and what I...

11 1 month ago John T in Long Beach, California
Durham, North Carolina

Why is it so hard to find a job in North Carolina

I have lived here for three years now, and I have yet to find a full-time job that last more than three months with a temporary agency. I have been...

0 1 month ago KC Love in Durham, North Carolina
Kingman, Arizona

What are the best neigborhoods in Kingman?

Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

5 1 month ago Kingmanshorrible in Newnan, Georgia
Charlotte, North Carolina

wanting to relocate to North Carolina

I want to pick up and move south,where is the best place to move to in North Carolina? no kids just pets...

438 1 month ago Phil in Cary, North Carolina
New York, New York

Moved to NYC but cannot find a job, am I unhirable?

I'm a 30 yo male that moved to NYC around December after trying to find a job remotely and decided I needed to move here to find something. I have...

4 1 month ago Georginal in New York, New York
Cleveland, Ohio

Where have all the DCP/CNA?HHA's Gone

It seems that someone waved a magic wand and made all of the really good DCP and CNA's disappear. When I actively worked in the field it seemed that...

0 1 month ago Terrelle Marchand-Baum in Cleveland, Ohio
Port St. Lucie, Florida

Where should I NOT move to in Port St. Lucie?

Hi all! I'm RUNNNNING from philadelphia with my family and would like to know where in PSL should we be staying away from? It looks so beautiful in...

91 1 month ago Samms in Stuart, Florida

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