Best companies to work for in Altamonte Springs?

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What companies are fueling growth in Altamonte Springs? Why are they a great employer?


mohammed iddris in Altamonte Springs, Florida

107 months ago

i want to know the best paid companies to work with


deprecruitmacias in Altamonte Springs, Florida

107 months ago

Hello, I am enrolled in the Delayed Entry Program for the United States Navy. I currently live in Altamonte Springs, FL. I have been working hard on attaining E-3 status. I am currently E-2, to have gotten that I had to study up and know my drills as well. To get to E-3 before I get to boot camp; I have to recruit four people into the United States Navy. Those four people must talk to my recruiter specifically, and mention me as a referral.

If I get to E-3 before I get to boot camp, and I pass my written test when I get to boot camp; I will get to keep my E-3 status. The way it works is COs fast track the new recruits, if I go in as a E-3 they will take notice of that and I will be promoted faster.

Yes, I plan to make serving in the USN a career, it is my lifelong dream to work with aviation equipment and aircraft. I plan to graduate from the academy as well, or go into officer programs.


My original ship out date was June 14th, 2010. However, someone messed up and I have the option to go to boot camp by the end of this month.

I want my advance before I get there.

So my question to Altamonte Springs is predictable. Does anyone want to join? Would they be interested in supporting the country, and supporting my dream to excel? Do you know anyone that would be interested in joining? If so, meet at the office off of N.State Road 434 on Monday or Tuesday.

It is next to Publix Supermarkets/Friendly's. Talk to Thomas R. Smith, GSM1(SW), USN; he is my Navy Recruiter. Ask him about D.E.P. Recruit Macias, mention me as a referral.

I'm very ambitious and I WILL find four people in only two days. I want my next promotion so I can take this opportunity.

The pay is great, and since the economy is spiraling downhill, you can take advantage of this. Want to go to college? Think again, you can get your degrees in half the time in the military for free. For most degrees there are military programs in which the Navy gives full credits.


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