Weather in anchorage alaska

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What are the seasons like in anchorage alaska? How do anchorage alaska dwellers cope?

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dave in Anchorage, Alaska

128 months ago

winter and spring are great for skiing and we have some of the best terain in the world nov, dec,jan, feb and mar we have snow on ground entire time starts to snow in sep or oct this year it is oct. temps from the 40's to -20's in this time shortest day dec 21 sun up at 10:15 am and set at 03:43 pm for 5 hours 28 min and on jun 21 sun up at 4:20 am and set at 11:45 pm and stays light rest of night summer temps in the 60"s and 50"s at night lots to do
weather right now is clear temp 35 and going down to 25 or so and up to 40 on monday and sun thursday or so it will rain or snow alyeska ski area 3 inches at top today 1 at midway and 0 at bottom they plan to open on nov 17 and will start snow making on friday the 15 and there is snow on local hills around town right now and will be there till it melts in spring sun does not have much warmth any more and we lose 5 min 40 sec every day avg temp for today 44 high and 32 low and will go to 21 and 9 in jan and jul is 65 and 52 there is what anchorage is like latter dave

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jasmina jelic in Novi Sad, Serbia

127 months ago

Dear ser

I am nurse midwife who is the citizen of Serbia (ex Yugoslavia Vojvodina) I have been working for 25 years in geriatric hospital then in mentaly retarted children hospital and lastly

10 years in public health ambulants .I am 47 year old and

and would like to know if my age is problem for appaling

for the job Alaska.My doughter is 20 years old an has

6 months of expiriencein nursing.She also wants to know whether it is enough expirience for applaing for some job

or nursing.We will be wery hoppy to work togheter in your

Alaska.I have two years midwife experiencein 1981 end

1982 years i wos work midwife

Jasmina Jelic

Tarasa Sevcenka 6

Novi Sad Vojvodina

Serbia (ex Yugoslavia)

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Sean in Anchorage, Alaska

116 months ago

Amazed at your spelling said: Learning to spell would sure help you to get a job!

I work at 2 hospitals in Anchorage. It is very competitive and difficult to get a job if you were not schooled in the United States.

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