Looking for an engineering job

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jobsearch in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts

116 months ago

Hello, I have graduated from Boston University. I have great academic results, some experience and a degree in electrical engineering. However, I can't find a job. Please do you know any company that is looking for an electrical engineer, sales engineer, application engineer, hardware or software engineer?


indeedhelp in Stamford, Connecticut

116 months ago


You will have the most success finding the job you want by using our search engine. Just type in job title, company, or keyword into the search field at the top of this page and click "Find Jobs".

Best of luck with your search!


johnwhalen in Wayland, Massachusetts

113 months ago

How about giving jobaphiles.com a chance? It's a site where you bid for a job listing your qualifications, asking wages, and reasons for wanting work. There are quite a few jobs listed on it in regards to the Boston area.


jean in Boston, Massachusetts

109 months ago

think you four your jobs


Doug in Jacksonville, Florida

104 months ago

One website that I have really had much success with is,


The good thing about it is that it gives you access to thousands of engineering jobs in all disciplines (chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, manufacturing, and mechanical) gathered from all over the web and updated hourly.

Best of luck.


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