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Updated 15 days ago

wanting to relocate to North Carolina - 442 Replies

hi . My husband been applying for banking jobs down at Charlotte NC. and keep getting denied. he meets the requirements but im thinking its because...

need a slower pace in Howell, New Jersey

Can anyone help us find employment in the construction industry as a project manager or as a facilities manager?

We are a family of 4, hard working, good people, my kids are headed into high school in a year or so. My husband has been in the construction field...

Raven2Raven in Greeneville, Tennessee

Updated 10 months ago

Looking to relocate to NC with family - 3 Replies

We are currently located in upstate NY and would like to relocate to raise our family. I'm currently in college but would need a part time...

Char in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 12 months ago

Job search in Charlotte? - 16 Replies

What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Charlotte?

Amrita in Charlotte, North Carolina

Jobs on EAD

I am Techno Functional Analyst with 11 years of experience. I am on L2 visa and have got my EAD. So am permitted to work for any employer. I have...

klynch24 in Mooresville, North Carolina

I need help finding a job... Suggestions?

I've been applying for months on end, with rejections, a few interviews where I never hear anything afterward, OR I just send in an application and...

mgonzalez66 in Newton, New Jersey

So many great places don't know Needwhere To move in NC

Hi everyone, I'm looking to relocate to NC but deciding where is making it difficult. My family and I visited last summer and fell in love with the...

Coast2Coast in Watertown, Massachusetts

Charlotte Job Fair - Tuesday, Jan 10 - Multiple Companies Hiring! @ 11am

FIRST 2017 CHARLOTTE JOB FAIR - TUESDAY JANUARY 10, 2017 @11am!! MANY COMPANIES ATTENDING Charlotte Job Fair Tuesday, January 10,...

Reecee Kelly in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 28 months ago

Should I move to North Carolina? - 3 Replies

Hello. I am currently a nursing assistant looking to relocate to the Charlotte NC area. I am also considering the Raleigh/Durham area as well. I have...

Shay Williams in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Moving from ohio to north Carolina

Whats some good affordable places to move wit kids

joliejhana in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 39 months ago

need work in Charlotte? - 28 Replies

Welcome to Charlotte and the south.Now GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!

Erica B in Newark, New Jersey

Make a few extra dollars online!


Updated 41 months ago

What are the best neigborhoods in Charlotte? - 2 Replies

Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

Cheri in Naperville, Illinois

Cost of Living - Income Needed to Survive/Live Comfortably?

Hello everyone, I am searching for work in Charlotte, office administration or assistant. I'd like to know what is a decent amount of income range...


Updated 42 months ago

Relocation to Charlotte strength in Retail and customer servicd - 1 Reply

I am searching for a new and challenging position in the Charlotte Market as soon as possible. I am currently with The Loft in Fayetteville as their...


Updated 42 months ago

Interest in Charlotte - 1 Reply

Hello, I currently live in Bronx, New York and I had a IT Recruiting interview in Charlotte during my vacation. Unfortunately I did not get the...

gurasanders in Englewood, New Jersey

Looking to relocate to Charlotte, NC.....

After the loss of my mother and wanting to relocate closer to my hometown of Camden, South Carolina. I figured Charlotte would be a nice landing spot...

KROGER770 in Winston Salem, North Carolina

jobs in nc area

Hello I was intersting in knowing about the economy in winston salem triad area or even in the area charlotte nc Ballyetene I have clerical , medical...


Updated 60 months ago

Thinking of relocating to Charlotte... - 7 Replies

I've been living in Los Angeles for 15 years now and have gotten to that point where I feel like I need a change. Always had a love/hate relationship...

JobStar Solutions in North Carolina

Updated 60 months ago

Payroll and Billing Manager looking for a job - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm currently looking to relocate to North Carolina, but I would like to have a job before I move. I've been working for the same company as...

JobStar Solutions in North Carolina

Updated 61 months ago

relocating to Charlotte or ??? - 1 Reply

my fiance and I have more than decided that we are relocating to the North Carolina area we love it there. our original target area was apex or Cary....

south baby

Updated 66 months ago

Looking for Jobs - 10 Replies

Just Moved to North Carolina There's no Jobs there

Brad KC in Round O, South Carolina

Considering relocating to Charlotte, NC

So my wife and I were raised in SC and are pretty much wanting to move our family somewhere different. Out of SC mainly. So searching around and not...

Stefanie in Salinas, California

Looking to relocate to Charlotte with a job in the Accounting field

Hi, I am looking to relocate to Charlotte but need to secure a job before making the move from California. I am a CPA with a BS in Business...

Shane in Long Beach, California

Job Prospects in Charlotte--Looking to move from California

Hi Everyone, I am originally from NC (Hickory area), and have been out in the Los Angeles area for the past couple years. I'm about to get...

punkin89 in Huntersville, North Carolina

Updated 73 months ago

Phlebotomist searching for employment - 4 Replies

I recently relocated to NC seeking employment. I'm interested in a Phlebotomist position, Plasma Processor or a Donor Tech position. If anyone has...

Vivian Aldana in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Updated 77 months ago

Seeking A Job With Relocation Assistance - 9 Replies

I am interested in relocating to the Charlotte, NC area in within the next few months. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant with 1 year Home Healthcare...

x0megan0x in Martinsville, Indiana

New to site. Need advice.

I grew up in Charlotte, NC. I moved to Indiana about 4 years ago to get over some horrible things that happened. I am now emotionally stable and...



Hey y'all!!!! Im currently living in the Baltimore area but seeking to relocate to North Carolina... I could transfer from my job but I want to start...

tarheeldude1984 in Charlottesville, Virginia

Updated 84 months ago

Insurance Jobs in Charlotte. - 2 Replies

Looking to relocate from VA back to Charlotte. 2006 UNC grad who has attained CPCU and CLU designations and been in underwriting since...

mamadou in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 84 months ago

Looking job in Charlotte. - 1 Reply

Hi. I am lokking job in Charlott area. I have got CDL A,endorsement P,T. But I couldent get one. Is there any one tell me who hiring right now.

WAH in Roswell, Georgia

Updated 85 months ago

********Customer Service Jobs?********** - 3 Replies

Hello all. Moving to Charlotte in a couple of months. Looking for customer service jobs particularly in a call center. If you know of places that are...


Updated 87 months ago

nonconsensual towing of vehicles - 2 Replies

i live in an apartment where my car was towed off because i was late on getting my tag stickers why should i have to pay 120.00 for an 20.00+ sticker...

Nicole Hale in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 91 months ago

Mortgage Jobs In Charlotte - 3 Replies

Have 20 Yrs experience in the Mortgage Industry seeking employment Any suggestions I have done alot of contract work and know FHA VA All Conforming...

taniamcknight in Hyattsville, Maryland

Secret Cleared wants to move to NC

Looking for position in NC. Currently working on contract for Dept of State in IT.

byrdman84 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Ive been looking for legit work since the new year started...

I moved to Charlotte in September 2010 for a position that seemed promising. The position i chose was with Hewitt Associates and unfortunately i was...

liveindilworth in Statesville, North Carolina

Updated 101 months ago

Do not be fooled by - 2 Replies

BEWARE: This company claims they give you a base salary only to find out later it is a draw. Do not be fooled by them. Go somewhere else!

C. Bronson in Huntersville, North Carolina

Updated 105 months ago

Local Driving Jobs in Charlotte Area..... - 3 Replies

Driving Jobs are few and between in the Charlotte area, finding a local CDL A driving job with a company who pays at least $16 hr which is what I...

heather in Matthews, North Carolina

Updated 106 months ago

expungement - 6 Replies

Hi, I have one felony record from 32 years ago at the age of 18. I am now 50 and my past continues to haunt me. I have applied for several positions...

jbell in Livingston, Tennessee

Updated 111 months ago

Best schools in Charlotte? - 4 Replies

Where are the best schools or school districts in Charlotte?

Robin in Denver, North Carolina

Updated 113 months ago

why wont anybody give me a chance prove iam a good hard worrker who have been convicitied in 20 yrs - 3 Replies

Help I won't 2nd chance but I am still being judge 4 past something happen 20 yrs ago

BACLARK62 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 114 months ago

Structural Welder / Ship Fitters - 2 Replies

If you have five years ship building experience in structural welding or ship fitting, Ingalls ship yard on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is hiring 150...

Pamela Scotland in Anderson, South Carolina

Updated 117 months ago

Looking to relocate and make some life changes . - 1 Reply

I've been an hairstylist for many years and not sure where to go from here .

Joshua Anderson in Charlotte, North Carolina

looking for freelance workl

Hello I am currently looking to try and get some freelance work in Charlotte. I have 3 years experience in graphic design and have been trying to get...

dirkmuller in Spring Hill, Florida

Xactimate Estimating Restoration, Reconstruction

looking for Xactimate estimating restoration and reconstruction positions

Colleen in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 119 months ago

Job with Cato Corp. - 5 Replies

Anyone have any knowledge of the CATO Corp. and what kind of a company it is to work for? Family Friendly? Stable?

Lisa in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 120 months ago

Charlotte or RTP jobs - relocation? - 1 Reply

I am currently living in Northern Virginia and fell in love with NC. I am eager to relocate to Charlotte or the RTP area in NC while searching for...

A Secretary in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Updated 120 months ago

Up and coming jobs in Charlotte - 37 Replies

What jobs are on the rise in Charlotte?

spot on in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Updated 121 months ago

drug test - 1 Reply

im a former truck driver who was givn a random drug test and failed the doctor nor my company wanted to hear my reason to come up positive although i...

Scarleth in Managua, Nicaragua

Updated 122 months ago

Best companies to work for in Charlotte? - 8 Replies

What companies are fueling growth in Charlotte? Why are they a great employer?

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