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ADW in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 55 months ago

Anybody have any feedback about Legendary Promotions? - 94 Replies

Got an interview coming up with them, and I've searched the internet to find comments...Legendary Promotions Jobs sound great on paper (paid...

Tyler in Los Angeles, California

Updated 67 months ago

I need work - 1 Reply

I just moved into Dunedin Fl.about a week ago and I am looking for work.I need full time with benefits I have 16+ yrs in the quick service food,and...


Updated 81 months ago

Job search in Clearwater? - 6 Replies

What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Clearwater?

max kay in Far Rockaway, New York

Updated 89 months ago

Experienced sales trainer, manager, recruiter seeks new opportunity - 1 Reply

As a senior-level sales management and training professional with over 20 years of experience motivating teams to generate unsurpassed revenue...

karen hunt in Charleston, West Virginia

Updated 102 months ago

aunt - 4 Replies

I am attempting to contact my aunt Stella Krankkala, originally from WV


Updated 108 months ago

Weather in Clearwater - 1 Reply

What are the seasons like in Clearwater? How do Clearwater dwellers cope?

ianm234 in Clearwater, Florida

Updated 112 months ago

Wants a Clearwater job - 2 Replies

Experience in health insurance/precert. LPN. Excellent communicator.

georgebuffet in London, United Kingdom

Updated 116 months ago

Home care - 1 Reply

looking for work as a caregiver-homehealth aide in the clearwater largo ,Florida area have 18 years experence

MAllory in Clearwater, Florida

Updated 120 months ago

Structural / Ship Fitters - 1 Reply

If you have five years ship building experience in structural welding or ship fitting, Ingalls ship yard on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is hiring 150...

Piotr in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Position wanted

I moved from Port St. Lucie ( Florida) to Seminole ( Florida), and I am looking for job I can work as CNA/HHA, Bartender, waitress, Security...

carleen williams in Saint Petersburg, Florida


I have moved back to fl.From kansas city mo. Looking for work full-time.Im well exp.In cooking) warhouse ...

Michael J. McLaughlin in Littleton, Colorado

Updated 130 months ago

Up and coming jobs in Clearwater - 1 Reply

What jobs are on the rise in Clearwater?

heid labrie in Lewiston, Maine

Updated 137 months ago

Jobs - 1 Reply

I am relocating to the hudson, fl area for a new job and to live permenantly. I am planning on moving Nov. 29th and will arrive Dece. 2nd and hope to...


Best companies to work for in Clearwater?

What companies are fueling growth in Clearwater? Why are they a great employer?


What are the best neigborhoods in Clearwater?

Where is the good life? For families? Singles?


Best schools in Clearwater?

Where are the best schools or school districts in Clearwater?


Clearwater culture

Food, entertainment, shopping, local traditions - where is it all happening in Clearwater?


Clearwater activities

What are the opportunities for recreation, vacation, and just plain fun around Clearwater?


Newcomer's guide to Clearwater?

What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Clearwater? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...


Commuting in Clearwater

When, where and how to travel.


Moving to Clearwater - how did you get here?

Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?


Clearwater causes and charities

What causes do people in Clearwater care about. Where are the volunteer opportunities?

What's great about where you work? If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be? Got a question? Share the best and worst about what you do and where you work by joining a discussion or starting your own.

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