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100 months ago

I am considering relocation to Texas from Oregon. im very liberal in my way of living where Texas has a conservative reputation. Where is the Dallas area fitting onto the demo-repub line? In general, are people more conservative, liberal, or in between?

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Sopras in Addison, Texas

87 months ago

I have lived in Dallas for 28 years & am a Democrat. Although Dallas votes Democratic, it depends entirely on the neighborhood. Upscale ones are definitely conservative.
The rest of TX, with the exception of Austin, is very conservative. Governor Rick Perry, Conservative, has been elected three times.
Social services & public education are among the lowest in the country.
If you're looking for a liberal city/state, TX is not the best place to live.

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E.T. in Dallas, Texas

71 months ago

As a native Texan, I can assure that my home state (and home city of Dallas) is no different than any other large metropolitan center in our country: THERE'S SOME OF ALL things here!! There's no prevalent mindset or one more accepted socio-political leaning than another. Due to the annual influx of new residents that hail from all over the world (their predetermined mores and preferences in tow), many ideals and practices not native to this area are brought in and incorporated into the pre-existing "social stewpot."
Whereas it is true that this state's national bi-partisan ID is usually protrayed as conservative, liberal and even moderate views and stances also enjoy a very visible platform, with wide-ranging support.
this is a place where you can live your entire life and never be affected by some of the harsher elements & realities common to most urban areas although that "fast lane" most certainly exists and is readily available (for those who seek it). Not trying to sound like a member of the local chamber of commerce (lol), but the lifestyle is more slow-paced here-and the people are generally helpful and quick to champion a cause--especially if someone has been unjustly wronged. You'll be just fine here--many have already found that out. SOOOoooo, did you set the move date yet? lol

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