Fort Smith activities

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What are the opportunities for recreation, vacation, and just plain fun around Fort Smith?


hoper in Fort Smith, Arkansas

104 months ago

Fort Smith does not have any good activities, it has slow development for years. I personally don't see Fort Smih growing, look at the city, the only thing its economy developed are 1) Too many Churches growing up like mushrooms.2)overloaded Hotels while there were no entertainments.3) So many Banks, while it has small numbers of population. 4) All lousy Restaurants. 5) A lot of Car Wash's Bays.

The only things Fort Smith City Directors or Operators know how to buid are the churches, banks, restaurants, hotels, and car wash's bays. Somethings they need to build, they don't build, like elementary school or high school, the number of students are increase with insufficent classes or spaces.

Conclusion: Over all, the main thing that the Director(s)of Fort Smith City focus
on is to permit construction of many Churches, and The Banks because they know there are no fun activities or entertainments in Fort Smith at all. All the residents, Fort Smithians and workers cannot go any where to enjoy, even after a day they have been worked hard and came home from work, where can they go??? How do they spend their money??? Only deposit the money into the Banks (Too many banks) and wait to die when they are retired. And before they die they make good will to donate money to the Churches (Too many churches). Am I right?? Don't you see that?


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