Weather in Grand Junction

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What are the seasons like in Grand Junction? How do Grand Junction dwellers cope?


Stacey in Sacramento, California

127 months ago

I was there in September & December 2007 and the weather was great. Not as hot as Sacramento in September and the snow in December was great. The sun was always out and it was not overcast like it is here in Sacramento. I can't wait to move out to Grand Junction, CO in the fall 2008.


John in Huntington Beach, California

119 months ago

I used to live in Grand Junction. It is referred to as the Colorado banana belt by the residents (warmest climate in CO). If you don't mind small town living it's OK, crime rate is a bit high for such a small town though. I live in LA now and have never had to call the police, had to call them three times in the year and a half I lived there.


T.R. Hendricks in Norfolk, Nebraska

118 months ago

Were the job situation permitting, I would move back to the Junction in a Heartbeat. The weather is great, the people are moderate, and as for the crime, the problem is everywhere.


azspyguy in Tucson, Arizona

117 months ago

Where can I get month by month, annual weather information about Grand Junction? I need high and low temperature, humidity and rain/snowfall data. Looks like a great place, so far.


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