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Updated 18 days ago

Moving to Greenville - how did you get here? - 166 Replies

Hi Looking to find out about the hiking trails with elevation for me and my dog to hike. And me to trail run and mt bike. Are there multiple options...

Keysia in Beaufort, South Carolina

Thinking about moving to Greenville

Hi, I am a single 38 year old looking to move to greenville. I want to know how easy it is meeting people and also is it safe there. I will be by...

info@*****.*** in Spring Hill, Tennessee

Updated 48 months ago

Newcomer's guide to Greenville? - 6 Replies

What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Greenville? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...

Zyad in Greenville, South Carolina

Have you be a homestay before ?

Hi guys .. I'm a young guy my name is Zyad I'm 18 years old and I'm international student I study in ELS-Greenville. I'm looking for a homestay...

Dying2live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If You Could Do IT Again, Would You Make the Move To Greenville???

Hey All!!! My husband was offered a job in Greenville SC and he is considering the move, but we are nervous because we read a lot of negative...

LauraSC7 in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Updated 72 months ago

Greenville culture - 1 Reply

Food, entertainment, shopping, local traditions - where is it all happening in Greenville?

Jackass? in Greenville, South Carolina

Updated 86 months ago

South carolina the no state - 2 Replies

Not very welcoming state! The jobs all will to work (which means treat u like crap). And the people so rude and unkind unless your from here. And...

nulife99_06@*****.*** in Simpsonville, South Carolina

Updated 101 months ago

JOBS - 1 Reply

I am here from another state. While I have education in Psychology I have minimal like one semester to complete my Bachelors Degree. I do have a...


Updated 101 months ago

Greenville causes and charities - 3 Replies

What causes do people in Greenville care about. Where are the volunteer opportunities?

Still Looking

Updated 103 months ago

Best companies to work for in Greenville? - 4 Replies

What companies are fueling growth in Greenville? Why are they a great employer?

Ehtisham in orlando, Florida

Updated 104 months ago

Up and coming jobs in Greenville - 24 Replies

What jobs are on the rise in Greenville?

dacody in Greenville, South Carolina

i want a job in the logging industry

i have no experience but would like to have an oppertunity to learn and prove myself. what is the first step?

Ron Kelly in Greenville, South Carolina

Looking for a mid-level sales executive position.

I have an extensive sales background. It and Finance. Business development Territory Management Relationship Management Supervisory role for...

daniel nyarko in Accra, Ghana

Updated 120 months ago

To be a partner in Ghana - 3 Replies

We do recruits students, skilled and Unskilled staffs for companies in abroad iether through Our Partners or The Company itself and we find it...

Sharon L. Miracle in Greenville, South Carolina

Updated 129 months ago

Job search in Greenville? - 2 Replies

What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Greenville?

titus in Greer, South Carolina

Updated 136 months ago

green - 1 Reply

i need a sub contraction contract tired of differnt things with alot of companys i know alot about houses im a GC so i specialize in trim ,decks all...


Best schools in Greenville?

Where are the best schools or school districts in Greenville?


Weather in Greenville

What are the seasons like in Greenville? How do Greenville dwellers cope?


Greenville activities

What are the opportunities for recreation, vacation, and just plain fun around Greenville?


Commuting in Greenville

When, where and how to travel.


What are the best neigborhoods in Greenville?

Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

What's great about where you work? If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be? Got a question? Share the best and worst about what you do and where you work by joining a discussion or starting your own.

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