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crene7363 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 86 months ago

Up and coming jobs in Honolulu - 2 Replies

What jobs are on the rise in Honolulu?

morocco casablanca in Casablanca, Morocco

Updated 95 months ago

looking for work anywhere in hawaii ! - 2 Replies

im a journeyman welder of 10 years that is looking for work. i live in Hilo Hawaii at the time but im willing to travel anywhere the job takes me...

lee in Apache Junction, Arizona

Updated 108 months ago

Weather in Honolulu - 1 Reply

What are the seasons like in Honolulu? How do Honolulu dwellers cope?

lee in Apache Junction, Arizona

Updated 108 months ago

joreyman dry wall taper of 20 yrs wants to get a union job - 4 Replies

please help in any way of information to make this happen thank you

Connie Lovett in Savannah, Georgia

Cardiac cath lab travel assignments

Looking for cardiac cath lab temp to perm travel assignment. Daughter in college at HPU...want to be closer to her. Working as LPN RCIS (registered...

Brian Sargeant in Greenwich, Connecticut

Updated 116 months ago

Moving to Honolulu - how did you get here? - 7 Replies

Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

The Key Guy in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 118 months ago

sales - 2 Replies

I just finished high school and im looking fo a great job in sales/marketing....any help?

The Key Guy in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 119 months ago

locksmith??help - 1 Reply

i am thinkin about moving to oha...and i would love to know can i get a job as a locksmith? thank u.....

jen85268 in Fountain Hills, Arizona

Respiratory Therapist

I have been an RT for 8 years and am looking for a job in Honolulu. Anybody have any ideas?

rverni in San Diego, California

Updated 120 months ago

jobs in Hawaii for a Real Estate Broker - 1 Reply

After 20+ years as a Real Estate broker here in Kailua Hawaii I wondered just what else might be out there for a job with my varied...

Jeff Hughes in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Looking for cook position in Honolulu

Experianced Breakfast cook looking to relocate to honolulu. Over 10 years cooking experiance.

david in Woodbury, New Jersey

Updated 124 months ago

Hawaii Swimming with Sharks? - 1 Reply

cw now just did a segment, has anyone else done it?

Nick in Redwood City, California

Updated 126 months ago

home health rn hawaii - 1 Reply

I am a california home health rn considering moving to Hawaii. Can anyone tell me what home health Nursing is like in hawaii? Nurse-patient ratio?...

80Housing in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii Real Estate Decline Bubble Popping

http://808housing.blogspot.com/ Keep yourself informed with the most current news regarding Hawaii's real estate. The site above is regularly...

Big Kahuna in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 130 months ago

Hawaii Housing Bubble Crash - 1 Reply

http://808housing.blogspot.com/ Stay informed about the impending housing crash and its soon-to-be effects on the Hawaiian Islands. Go to the...

808Housing in Honolulu, Hawaii

Is Hawaii's Housing Bubble Bursting?

This is why I think the bubble is bursting ... 1. Hawaii's house prices went through the roof - all areas that had the highest increases stand to...

Pauline Medina in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 135 months ago

What are the best neigborhoods in Honolulu? - 1 Reply

Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

Pauline Medina in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 135 months ago

Newcomer's guide to Honolulu? - 1 Reply

What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Honolulu? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...

Pauline Medina in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 135 months ago

Honolulu culture - 1 Reply

Food, entertainment, shopping, local traditions - where is it all happening in Honolulu?

Pauline Medina in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 135 months ago

Thinking of moving from San Diego, CA to Honolulu, HI - 3 Replies

My wife and have been discussing the possibility of moving to Honolulu, HI. She has always wanted to move but I just can't get myself to leave San...


Best companies to work for in Honolulu?

What companies are fueling growth in Honolulu? Why are they a great employer?


Best schools in Honolulu?

Where are the best schools or school districts in Honolulu?


Honolulu activities

What are the opportunities for recreation, vacation, and just plain fun around Honolulu?


Commuting in Honolulu

When, where and how to travel.


Honolulu causes and charities

What causes do people in Honolulu care about. Where are the volunteer opportunities?


Job search in Honolulu?

What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Honolulu?

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