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Apricot12 in Houston, Texas

How to get into the non-technical oil and gas industry?

There's tons of jobs in the O&G industry that aren't engineering/technical related. I don't have an engineering background but in Houston this...

King Drea

moving to Houston

Hello !! I plan on moving to Houston next fall and I wanted to know what companies hire people out of state? I have a BA in Human Resource Management...

tony@*****.*** in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Updated 63 months ago

Taleo Website - 2 Replies


modaressmh1 in Mashhad, Iran, Islamic Republic of

nuclear medicine technologist job in houston

I am planing to move in to houston to work as a nucear med tech.I will be glad to know some imaging centers.I am a US citizen and I have houston...

Dhhmalone in Virgin Islands, U.S.

Relocating to Houston

I'm planning to relocate to Houston this year. Where can I apply for a position that works with HIV AIDS infected people? I'm currently the...

ehsan in Sugar Land, Texas

Help to find a good job

Hi Dears, Actually, I am in Houston,TX for more than two months.I put my resume in various online job search engines but I couldn't find the...

espino in Houston, Texas

Updated 65 months ago

Student with deferred felony and misdemeanor looking for a job in Northwest Houston area. - 2 Replies

I am 24 years of age and has been turned down by numerous employers. My question is if listed job has, "Pre-employment Criminal Background Checks",...

Cricket Girl in Dallas, Texas

Updated 66 months ago


HI We currently live in MA and thinking about relocating to North Houston, Texas to be close to family,we loved it out when we visited Houston a...

Cricket Girl in Dallas, Texas

Updated 66 months ago

Texas says I'm really not a social worker. Help! - 1 Reply

I'm relocating from US Virgin Islands to Houston TX. I've been a licensed CPS social worker with 5 years experience in the field. According to TX...

Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado

Updated 66 months ago

Robert Half Legal Recruiter Job - 2 Replies

Does anyone have experience working for robert Half legal as a recruiter? Corporate culture? salary? Would like to get an idea of what its like...

Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado

Updated 67 months ago

Does a Degree Really Make You More Valuable? - 5 Replies

I have over 15 years of experience in the Administrative field yet the jobs that I am qualified for want you to have a degree. I will say that most...

skelley612 in Houston, Texas

Updated 70 months ago

Millwright/Machinist/Fabricator looking for work in Houston - 1 Reply

I am relocating with my family to the Houston area in July and am currently looking for employment. I hold multiple certifications and have a variety...

rperk in Houston, Texas

10 years old Felony

I am a 28 yr old women with over 5 years of experience as an administrative/executive assistant and over 6 years of call center customer service...

Jobless in Houston, Texas

Updated 72 months ago

Employment Agencies - 1 Reply

I recently graduated from the University of Houston-Victoria at the Sugar Land Texas Campus. My degree was in business adminstration and graduated...

ubertech in Houston, Texas

Updated 72 months ago

Rad Tech/CT Tech looking for a job going on 8 months now! - 10 Replies

Does anyone know of any jobs for full time Rad Techs/CT experience but not registred. Unemployment is going to run out in 3 weeks. If I dont find...

Can't Find a JoB in Austin, Texas

Useful Video

i found this inspiring www.youtube.com/v/DiK9ifXnUUs&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0

KSA in Houston, Texas

Updated 73 months ago

Parkmead Group PLC is a SCAM - 18 Replies

I applied for a job as a Technical Assistant with Parkmead Group Plc in Houston, Texas that was posted on Indeed.com. I received an email response...

stacey smiths1997 in Houston, Texas


My entire life I always worked! I always followed the rules. I was injured accidently got addicted to my darn pain killers the Dr. Just kept givin...

hnguyen7575 in Houston, Texas

Construction Management grad looking for job opening

Have a B.S. in Construction Management and looking for entry levels openings in construction field. I've been applying, but most companies want 5+...

rodakozlek@*****.*** in League City, Texas

Updated 75 months ago

Ever Thought About Freight Brokering? - 9 Replies

Hi, My name is Phil and I run a national freight brokerage. If you are interested in learning about this business, please see my profile.

Harbor in Hinesville, Georgia

Updated 75 months ago

Chemical operator jobs near Houston? - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could inform me of some leads on what companies are hiring chemical operators/team leaders/shift supervisor...

AEJS in Houston, Texas

Updated 77 months ago

Entry level Engineering related Jobs for An assosciate Degree - 1 Reply

I have recently completed my Assosciates in Engineering at a local Community College. I shall begin my core Engineering Classes in Electrical Engg at...

AEJS in Houston, Texas

Entry level Engineering related Jobs for An assosciate Degree

I have recently completed my Assosciates in Engineering at a local Community College. I shall begin my core Engineering Classes in Electrical Engg at...

sk005 in United Kingdom

IT Jobs/parks location in houston ?

hello all, I am moving to houston in few weeks. Could someone tell me where majority of IT jobs( or IT parks) exist in Houston? Once I arrive in...

Me in Houston, Texas

Updated 79 months ago

There are no jobs here in Houston!!! - 6 Replies

There are no jobs here in Houston if you dont have tons of experience. I have a graduate degree in healthcare administration but only one year of...


Veteran Needs Advice--Looking for an Oil Rig Job

I served in a Ranger Unit in Iraq and I am in need of advice...I am looking for an entry level rotating (7/7, etc.) job on an oil rig. I am having...

NIKOBI in Houston, Texas

Career Change (Banking to Information Systems)

I have been in banking (credit, mortgage and operations) for 8yrs and I just completed an MBA in Information Systems so as to transition into the...

noname in Edmonton, Alberta

Salary for R&D Scientist Houston

Hello, I am discussing a job offer with a major oilfield services company based out of Houston.The position is R&D Scientist. I have a Masters...

jhou1128 in Houston, Texas

Updated 83 months ago

Want to Break into Property Management - 4 Replies

Currently do outside copier sales - the thrill is gone! Work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint - negotiate bids, write up contracts, leases, etc. Worked...

Kyle in Dallas, Texas

Updated 83 months ago

Trying to break into oil. - 1 Reply

Hi, I have been in Real Estate for 15 years. I have been a Sales manager for 5. I am looking to break into oil. Can any one help? I live in Houston....

jose in Orlando, Florida

Updated 83 months ago

Pipe line Welders Certified API 1104 with rig - 16 Replies

I am looking for 4 Pipeline Welder with a rig must be Certified API. The job is in South-West PA paying good money

Steve in Houston, Texas

Updated 83 months ago

Houston activities - 1 Reply

What are the opportunities for recreation, vacation, and just plain fun around Houston?

CTC consulting in Houston, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

Mechanical, Civil, Designer or Draftsman - 3 Replies

Willing to do contract work from my home or your company. I own AutoCAD Lite system from which I can generate drawings. Have over 25 years of...

safetyfirstintexas in Santa Fe, Texas

safety positions for non turnaround work

Anyone have a lead on a non turnaround safety job in the oil and gas or chemical industry? I live south of Houston between Houston and Galveston and...

Adolfo Cruz in Houston, Texas

Clean record college student in need of a full time job

I currently work Part Time as a Senior Engagement Lead (SEL). I currently go to school but just recently engaged to my girlfriend just this past...

Wonder-Space Mobile in Houston, Texas

Updated 88 months ago

Education - 5 Replies

I am a certified elementary teacher and have taught in the public school system for the past eight years. I am currently unemployed and looking for...

Carlos in Houston, Texas

Seeking a Commercial Construction Opportunity

I've been job junting for 6 months now and I can't seem to land a Project Management job. I keep emailing my resume to all sorts of job postings but...

d1986 in Houston, Texas

Looking for job and going to school, I have two deferred charges of a felony and the other a misdemeanor

I am a laid off 24 year old student and in dire need of a job to provide for my family but, have very a limited source of transportation. I do have a...

Cruz20 in Pasadena, Texas

Updated 91 months ago

looking for medical billing-coding job in Houston - 4 Replies

I graduated with certificate in medical billing and coding and have been working for 4 months in this field. The company I am working for will not be...

william walker in Houston, Texas

Updated 92 months ago

electricians jobs. - 4 Replies

Has any one else dealt with these temp.agencies. No calls either way.In this economy someone official should look into whether they are just building...

Issachar in Houston, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

need some job - 1 Reply

i am looking for any job that is available,i am bachelor of science .i am too late to enroll in college.fall admissions are closed and now the next...

papabear31504@*****.*** in Waterboro, Maine

relocating to texas

i have been out of work for 15 months.Moving there from Maine for a positive change and health of grandchildren.Im experienced in forklift...

July in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Victory Motorcars

I received an email from Victory motorcars saying they wanted to interview me. Has anyone worked for Victorymotorcars? Share your experience with...

tonydean963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 99 months ago

why did kbr call me to change my date. i was to leave out on 14 of march - 2 Replies

i was to leave out on the 14 of march but i got a call that thuresday and was told they had to many people coming on that day. i would like to know...

mary mckinley in Houston, Texas

Updated 100 months ago

working from home - 1 Reply

We all know that founding work could become to be a hard job. After being out of work from May 2009- August 2009. I left my job due to health...

srajabi in Cypress, Texas

New Grad Relocating to Houston

I am graduating this May and moving to Texas to be near my family. Does anyone know of companies hiring for their Human Resource department? I have...

david vela in Houston, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

construction - 1 Reply

man i lost my job do to company layoff's. i got hit so hard that i had to move with some family out in houston. i have posted resume's and sent out...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

looking for a third job, - 2 Replies

I am looking for a third job 3 days or less no experience, or retail exp, who is hiring for asap??

WU00WU in Kanab, Utah

Updated 101 months ago

A PHD Structural geologist needs a job - 2 Replies

I have great experience both in sedimentary and structural geology. I worked for a junior mineral exploration company under H1b visa during last 2...

acsc in Missouri City, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

Laminate Flooring - 1 Reply

I am looking for someone to lay some Wilsonart laminate that I have purchased.

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