IT Consultant Seeks Professional References

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Political Pimp in New York, New York

120 months ago

I will pay $300 per phone call for you to act as a professional reference. I'll provide all the information you will need as well as my resume. Then my prospective employers will contact you as "the reference". I am required to provide a total of 4 references to thesecompanies but I'm looking for 6 individuals in the event someone is not available or decides not to participate. Candidates must reside in the U.S or have the following formatted phone number: (555) 123-4567

Here's how it'll work:

1. If you're interested send me an email including your resume. I've already crafted a "Reference Profile" which includes everything you need to know to be a great reference. I want to make sure you have the correct skill set so those who do not submit a resume will not be considered.

2. I will select the best candidates who most closely match the Reference Profile and those 6 who are chosen will receive my resume, the reference profile document and other information.

3. This is your chance to ask any questions relating to the profile. I will also provide my real email address, cell phone number and even IM name so that I can help in real-time, even during the phone call. If you're still interested send me an email containing the name and phone number you would like to use.

4. I will then send you an email EVERYTIME I give out your contact information and I will also provide details on the company doing the reference check. Since it's in my best interest financially to limit the amount of reference checks I will only give out your contact information when I am close to getting a job offer.

5. Try to spend at least a few minutes going over the notes so that you can present well. Once the phone call is complete please email me some notes on how the call went.

6. Once confirmed, I will pay you within 24 hours via Paypal or check/money order within 3 business days.

Repeat steps 4 - 6 for EACH reference call.

If you're interested in


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