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Craig in Pekin, Indiana

Updated 25 months ago

Worst Local Employers - 37 Replies

Have you ever worked for a company who did you wrong. Vent, its okay! I worked for Noah's Animal Hospital, was considered a valuable employee, was...

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 49 months ago

I am finding no MA jobs Indianapolis - 4 Replies


NewGradLooking in Greenwood, Indiana

Why can't I find a job in INDY?! Vent

I graduated in May 2013 with as B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from a good school and 3 internships under my belt! I am living with my parents back...


Updated 82 months ago

Job search in Indianapolis? - 6 Replies

What are the best local job boards, job clubs, recruiters and temp agencies available in Indianapolis?

Mary in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 88 months ago

Best schools in Indianapolis? - 25 Replies

Where are the best schools or school districts in Indianapolis?

RobG in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 96 months ago

Best companies to work for in Indianapolis? - 2 Replies

What companies are fueling growth in Indianapolis? Why are they a great employer?

Clarianquestioner in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 108 months ago

How good is Clarion to work for? - 3 Replies

I am thinking of sending in my resume for their Cardio-tech position and was wondering how good Clarion Health is to work for. Do they run you mad,...

chonny2 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 111 months ago

Moving to Indianapolis - how did you get here? - 1 Reply

Where did you come from? How did you move here? What would you do different now?

marilyn in Indianapolis, Indiana


im really looking forward to working with you guys guys are great and i just moved down here so i really need an after school job i have good...

peagary in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 122 months ago

Opportunities if you have home health background - 4 Replies

I know great opportunities for home health aides, RN and LPN's in the entire state of Indiana, but if you live in Indy also. call 317-839-2376.

Dionne Payne

Updated 128 months ago

cardi-tech schools - 2 Replies

I would like info in the MCI and PCCTi or any other schools that have the cardi-tech classes. I live in Indiana and there are none. I have worked as...

Ch T in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Working at CTIGROUP

Can someone give me insight into the work culture at ctigroup in Indianapolis.Please help me regarding as i am at a decision point of my...

runnercolt in Indianapolis, Indiana

win free colts autographs and merchandise

Hey, you probably already know about this new search and win with the indianapolis colts program, but wanted to make sure. it is a really cool...

association11 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 138 months ago

What are the best neigborhoods in Indianapolis? - 2 Replies

Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

LOTR1967 in Franklin, Tennessee

Updated 142 months ago

Indianapolis activities - 1 Reply

What are the opportunities for recreation, vacation, and just plain fun around Indianapolis?

LOTR1967 in Franklin, Tennessee

Updated 142 months ago

Newcomer's guide to Indianapolis? - 2 Replies

What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Indianapolis? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...


Weather in Indianapolis

What are the seasons like in Indianapolis? How do Indianapolis dwellers cope?


Indianapolis culture

Food, entertainment, shopping, local traditions - where is it all happening in Indianapolis?


Commuting in Indianapolis

When, where and how to travel.


Indianapolis causes and charities

What causes do people in Indianapolis care about. Where are the volunteer opportunities?


Up and coming jobs in Indianapolis

What jobs are on the rise in Indianapolis?

What's great about where you work? If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be? Got a question? Share the best and worst about what you do and where you work by joining a discussion or starting your own.

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