Newcomer's guide to Memphis?

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What do newcomers need to know to settle in and enjoy Memphis? Car registration, pet laws, city services, more...

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Awful in City

29 months ago

I wouldn't advise any professional who has anything on the ball whatsoever to consider accepting a post or transfer to Memphis TN. It's very dangerous (the the FBI stats, don't just listen to me...the the local police stats as well). The schools are terrible. Racism permeates every facet of life (both black and white racism). Too many bogus bible thummpers. Stupid leaders and local government..Bad food...high obesity rates...high teenage pregnancy...dangeorous unisured drivers good supermarkets...corrupt police...high poverty...lousy CITY SERVICES met with indifference....inefficient and ugly/pathetic airport with very high fares and poor connectivity...bad roads...high Traffic noise pollution (home of FedEx planes all night long)....high allergy incidences...crappy weather...too close to Mississippi......high property taxes...high auto insurance rates...braindead drivers...75% black subcultural population (no real diversity)...too many OTR trucks/rigs on highways...non-existent mass transit (no light rail, awful ghetto bus ride everywhere you go)... national test market for every chain restaurant in existence (no upscale choices even in toney burbs)....

I could continue, but that should be a good guide to other words do yourselves a favor and AVOID shall regret it.

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