cats free too good home

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krista in Atlanta, Georgia

137 months ago

I have a few wonderful cats that i cant keep any more and i'm trying to find some one too take them so if your intersted email me at

these are the best cats ever trust me if your far away its worth the drive. we have the nicest cats in the world who will make every day interesting.

i have too black kittens ones a boy ones a girl and none of them are fixed

The boy: we call him snugs cause hes crazy snuggly and sweet trust me you'll love him! i'll be willing to bet money on it.

Heres a pic of snugs

the girl: we call her magic. cause her sweetness is like magic. shes the calm one out of the two but dont think she cant get crazy cause you'll be wrong!!

heres a pic of magic

and i also have two more kittens. ones a tabby (boy) ones a multicolored cat(girl)

the girl: we call her chi. shes sooo sweet and playful i love her so much. shes such a fun cat. she would be great with childern, and not too mention shes beautiful.

Heres a pic of chi

the boy tabby: we call him pushy cause hes small but he'll push the other cats around if he wants. hes playful and loving and gos crazy over soft cat food. and he gets along well with the othere cats. you'll fall in love with him at first sight.

Heres a pic of pushy

your friends who want cats about this cause they'll want too know cause these are some great cats spread the word!! thanks ^.^

ps email me


Joe in Stamford, Connecticut

137 months ago

Another irresponsible pet owner trying to dump animals in a job forum.


krista in Atlanta, Georgia

137 months ago

i'm sorry i didnt know it was a job forum i relized that after i posted. i was just looking for a sandy springs forum to addvertis my cats and what your opinion on that i dont care but i am sorry for not noticing that it was job forum


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