Best companies to work for in Solon?

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What companies are fueling growth in Solon? Why are they a great employer?

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Sandra Roitblat in Solon, Ohio

100 months ago

Need list of best employers in solon, ohio

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eagleyed in Willoughby, Ohio

99 months ago

Stay away from CO-AX Technology in Solon,Ohio! The people that are attempting to run the show there don't have a clue on how to keep good employees. In fact they get rid of good employees and keep the slackers! Then to beat all, the slackers they keep take 45 minute unauthorized breaks. These are the type of people who get pay raises. Why? Because the people who run SMT machines make up their own rules and the rest of the employees have to follow company rules. This is just another revolving door company! Meaning they are always hiring because they can't keep good employees and never will!

I was the one who went forward and told the owner what was going on. He asked me if I'd be interested in supervising 2nd shift. So one night I attempted to enforce a rule and got flack from an employee. Called the 1st shift supervisor and was told we'll deal with it tomorrow. I've never heard of having to call a 1st shift supervisor to be able to enforce a rule since I was 2nd shift supervisor. They backed me up by giving my imaginary supervisor job to another employee. They made me look like a fool and told me don't worry about it. I guess they didn't want to p_off the boys in SMT. They didn't allow me to enforce any rules there so I got caught in the middle. They don't enforce the rules when it involves the SMT dept on 1st shift so I was told by the Mfg engineer. Ironically two people lost their jobs because of managements incompetence and they kept the slackers. This is one "F'ed" up company, you've been warned.

If you're looking for a job with a future you won't find it there. They'll nickle and dime you at the interview and once you get hired you can forget about pay raises unless you work in SMT. The supervisor and the manufacturing engineer are clueless. The management here is good at one thing and that's giving good employees the short end of the stick.

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123piecrust in Ohio

27 months ago

I agree with the first two sentences of eagleyed's review. This place is a train wreck. In 2015 they hired eight managers all were either fired or quit.

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