Events for Young Adults

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Jessy in Saint Louis, Missouri

133 months ago

Why are there no night-life events for young adults in Saint Louis? Every major city has venues for its young people to gather and have fun for a reasonable price. We have The Vault. Hooray.
During the day, finding things to do is no problem. However, when the clock strikes 9pm, we teens have to go home to our mommies and play nice. Especially aggravating is that there are VERY few New Year's Eve events for those over 12 and under 21. There is the family-friendly First Night and a Zoo sleepover for young ones, and everywhere else is reserved for the 21-and-up crowd on the 31st. My friends and I have spent all day calling restaurants, ballrooms, and other venues into which we are normally allowed, only to find out that we are 2 years too young to attend our favorite spots.
So, Saint Louis, what are bored, listless teenagers to do on a night when everyone else gets to live it up? Many of my peers will probably end up getting smashed at a friend's house (hooray...) or sitting at home with their parents. The latter option is all right, but for those of us who have spent the last 20 years doing just that, it gets a little old.
Is it too much to ask for a nod in the direction of those who are caught between childhood and adulthood, who just want to have an exciting New Year's Eve?


NotConcerned in Irving, Texas

114 months ago

Well, you're not caught between childhood and adulthood. If you're 18 or up, you're an adult. As for what you should do? I'm not sure. In my experiences with st louis I found it to be a terrible place to live. Boring and smelley and dangerous.


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