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Aprilwest in Saint Louis, Missouri

136 months ago

Has anyone ver used temp agencies in the STL area? Was it a good or bad experience and who was the company?


Erin Marshall in Wildwood, Missouri

133 months ago

I am starting to work for a temp agency called Adecco in Chesterfield. The companies they usually assign you to are Citigroup or MetLife. The jobs aren't that great but the pay is decent. I would check out Adecco or Stivers Staffing Services. You can look up the jobs online, but it is often more helpful to scedule an appointment and come in so they can tell you what is available.

Hope this helped you!


Sammie in Saint Louis, Missouri

86 months ago

Do not try Adecco you may want to see more feedback from others on how they treat their people. But my experience was terrible they promise all these things like bonuses, health insurance to get you there. The recruiters work on commission so you can guess why they do that. I worked for them on a assignment for 21/2 years, no bonus, no raise and basically when I asked it was implied that I should be glad I have what I have. There were incidents at the job they placed me where they needed to intervene because I was treated poorly by the supervisor and was just told just don't make waves, your getting paid aren't you.

I suggest reading some other comments about Adecco and I can tell you the things I have read are correct because I have experience most of what they have stated.

But I say, try them for yourself you will find out the hard way what everyone is talking about and how they treat their people. Of course we are a pay check to them and they will let you know that.


Ed in O Fallon, Illinois

84 months ago

Aprilwest in Saint Louis, Missouri said: Has anyone ver used temp agencies in the STL area? Was it a good or bad experience and who was the company?

I worked for a company that relied on Temp agencies instead of new hires. If you are hard working and dedicated you will definitely stand out. Talk to Brice at Labor Ready in Florissant. He might not be able to promise you anything but I can tell you that he was always VERY professional with us and I am sure that he would treat Labor Ready candidates with respect. Ed


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