What are the best neigborhoods in St. Louis?

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Where is the good life? For families? Singles?


Sal in Saint Louis, Missouri

134 months ago

If you are single, the Central West End and Dogtown are good choices. Lots of activity, street cafes, city living........


Mr. Barlow in Saint Charles, Missouri

2 months ago

Host said: Where is the good life? For families? Singles?

Middle Class Families: Kirkwood, Fenton, Sunset Hills, Oakville, Manchester, Ballwin, St. Charles County
High Income Families: Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, Ladue, Frontenac, Town & Country

Single: Hard for me to answer, but if you want to live where there is nightlife and it's not dangerous, then probably University City and Clayton. If the crime doesn't bother you then probably the Central West End in St. Louis. There are people who live downtown in loft condos, but it's become quite dangerous there.


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