ATS Partner Marketing Resources

ATS Partner Marketing Resources

Show off your hiring partnership with Indeed

Thanks for working with us. In order to qualify for certain partner program tiers in 2023, ATS partners* are required to prominently feature available integrations with Indeed on external and internal pages. Below you’ll find guidance on how to feature your Indeed integrations.

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*This ATS marketing guidance and downloadable content is intended to be used solely by Indeed’s ATS partners.

How this helps your platform

With over 350M+ global monthly unique visitorsIndeed Internal Data, average monthly Unique Visitors October 2023 – March 2024, Indeed has earned the trust of job seekers around the world. 90% of Fortune 500 companies post on IndeedIndeed data (worldwide) and we’re the #1 source for employers to find and hire candidates among BreezyHR clients BreezyHR Sources of Hire Report 2022 (EU, US). Highlighting your work with Indeed helps your company stand out to current and potential clients.

Integrations with job sites are one of the most requested features by ATS users. We want your current and prospective clients to know that your platform offers a seamless connection with Indeed and to understand how the integration works. Your clients will benefit from a top-notch, easy to use HR tech stack that saves valuable time by removing redundant or manual tasks.

Brand voice

How to talk about Indeed

To make things as easy as possible, we’ve included some ready-to-go Indeed language for your ATS integrations page. You might only need the basic Indeed pitch, but we’ve also provided copy for Indeed Recruiter Extension, Indeed Apply, Sponsored Jobs Integration and Interview Integration. Feel free to copy and paste.

Indeed brand copy

Indeed is the world’s #1 job site,Comscore, Total Visits, March 2024 with 350M+ global unique visitors every month Indeed Internal Data, average monthly Unique Visitors October 2023 – March 2024 and sites in over 60 countries. By providing access to great talent from all different fields, Indeed helps employers of all sizes find and hire the right talent for them.

Best practices

Best practices

Just a few more recommendations


Here are some best practices to help your integrations page stand out and attract the right eyes.

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    Keep searchability in mind: Refer to your relationship with Indeed and use keywords to help current and prospective clients find relevant information
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    Make it actionable: Include calls to action such as "Enable integration now," "Create an Indeed account," or "Download Indeed Recruiter Extension"
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    Create persuasive content such as videos and results-based case studies
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    Include a list of integration types and how they work
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    Feature catchy, approachable headlines
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    Use UTM URLs, which help you track website traffic
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    Demonstrate UI and integration functions

Download the toolkit

Here you’ll find resources including logos and graphics plus one-pagers for products and integrations.

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