6 New Features to Increase Your Productivity With Indeed Resume

Indeed Resume has released a bundle of eight tools to improve your recruiting success, increase productivity and to add value to your hiring process.


Build relationships more efficiently and streamline your overall processes with these tools.


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Better candidate relationships


We know the most important aspect of recruiting is connecting with candidates — so we’ve introduced a slate of upgrades to save you time and make it easier to do just that.


Stop Bouncing Around

You can now view all contacts and messaging history in a single, shared Employer Messaging Inbox. Spend less time managing your conversations and more time nurturing relationships.


Real-time Feedback

Over the next few weeks, Recruiters will be able to see the reason why a candidate wasn’t interested in their outreach or posted position – allowing you to shift your hiring strategy based on instant job seeker response.


Extended Access

Ready-to-work (RTW) candidates can be contacted for free, expanding your access to talent that’s ready to hit the ground running.


Evolve your process

Our new features allow you to search and filter simultaneously, so that you can effortlessly find the job seekers you’re looking for.


Curate Your Search

We’ve been gradually releasing new improvements to our search box to help you define – and combine – your exact hiring criteria in order to get incredibly specific results.


Formulate and Simplify

Recruiters can now apply multiple filters, at once, during a candidate search – making the search process that much more efficient and streamlined.


Automate Information Transfers

ZapInfo is a free browser extension that allows recruiters to easily automate the transfer of candidates (and their activity) between Indeed Resume and your ATS or CRM.


We know your hiring processes need to be cutting edge. With Indeed’s new bundle of powerful features, you’ll be able to streamline your outreach and communication, empower your team and reach your hiring goals – with ease.


Terms and conditions

Ready to Work jobseekers will remain free to contact on Indeed Resume until early 2022. Since the contact is free, employers will not be charged a credit to reach out, nor will credits be issued for positive or negative responses. Terms, conditions, and quality standards apply.

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