What’s new with Indeed Resume in 2020

We’ve been working hard to bring you brand new product updates for Indeed Resume search focused on these key areas:


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Identify the best talent

[New filter] Exclude contacted candidates – You can now filter out candidates that you or your team have already contacted from your Indeed Resume search. Use this filter to stay focused on adding new talent to your pipeline.


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Note: This is only available to users contacting on Indeed Resume subscription plans.


[New availability filter] Ready to Work – Apply the “Ready to work now” filter to find candidates within your search that can begin work immediately. These candidates are free to contact (with a subscription) until October 1st, 2020.


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Make a great first impression

Recruiter Profile – Recruiter Profile is a new, dedicated page for recruiters to communicate who they are, what roles they’re hiring for, company details and other key information important to job seekers. You can even link to your profile when contacting candidates to increase your chances of getting a positive response.


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Template manager – We’ve updated your dashboard to include a new tab dedicated to making it easier to manage your contact templates. From this page you can add, remove and edit the templates you use most.


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Note: This is only available to users contacting on subscription plans.


Spend less time administrating

Note: the following features are available only to subscription users with ‘Admin’ level permissions.


‘Tagging’: We know that every hiring organization functions in its own unique way. For that reason, we’ve given you the ability to tag subscriptions using any custom label that works for the way your team recruits.


Invite-to-assign in one step – Onboarding or upgrading users to a new Indeed Resume subscription has typically been a multi-step process. You can now invite users (new or existing), assign roles or even pre-assign a subscription all in one step.


Pause monthly subscriptions – You now have the ability to pause your monthly subscriptions so you can react much faster to any changes in your hiring needs. When you pause your monthly subscription, you’ll keep your account without an ongoing financial commitment for 6 months. Access to all features will be disabled until you choose to reactivate or the 6 month timeline is over. After 6 months, your account will resume and you will be billed based on your subscription plan.


Coming Soon

As a recruiter, staying organized can take up valuable time. According to Hitachi Capital, 63% of recruiters list their “worst nightmare” as spending too much time on administrative tasks.


That’s why we’re gearing up to introduce a new tool that can help you and your team organize the candidate search and work more efficiently.

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