Administrative Professionals Day Gifts: Suggestions for Managers

Managers use Administrative Professionals Day as an opportunity to recognize the impact of administrators on a workplace’s success. Administrative professionals have to keep up with the schedules and responsibilities of multiple staff members, maintain a professional demeanor with clients and coworkers and stay flexible as they provide assistance on projects. Use this guide to pick out an appropriate gift for your team.


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What is Administrative Professionals Day?

Administrative Professionals Day is an office holiday that celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of secretaries, receptionists, office clerks and other administrative professionals who handle logistics, correspondence, record keeping and other duties that keep an office running smoothly. It was founded in 1952 and takes place on the Wednesday of the last full week in April as part of the International Association of Administrative Professionals’ Week.  

Administrative Professionals Day gives managers a chance to give recognition to the employees that assist them and support the office workflow. Offices can celebrate Administrative Professionals Day by giving certain employees paid time off, holding office parties or hosting team-building events.

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Example appreciation gifts

Many managers give Administrative Professionals Day gifts to their employees as a token of their appreciation. Here are some gift ideas that fall under a variety of budgets:


Gift baskets

Themed gift baskets are a great way to treat your hardworking administrator to a bit of luxury. A basket full of gourmet snacks, fruits, baked goods and beverages can boost your employee’s mood and give them a supply of delicious treats to keep at their desk. Spa gift baskets are another relaxing way for your employee to pamper themselves and perform some rejuvenating self-care with scented candles, artisan soaps and hydrating lotions.



Employees with a green thumb may appreciate a colorful plant that they can keep at their desk, creating a more comfortable and colorful ambiance at work. If your employee already has plants at their desk, choose a potted plant in an attractive vase that they can add to their collection. Easy-to-care-for plants like cacti and succulents are a safe gift for any employee because they require minimal light and water. Another option is to get a classic arrangement of fresh-cut flowers for a few days of fragrant, colorful blooms to add cheer to their desk.


Office supplies

Administrative positions regularly use a lot of different office supplies, so thoughtful, high-quality office supplies can make an excellent gift. Consider the personal style of the administrator and select unique supplies that fit in with their aesthetic. For example, one employee might appreciate getting a genuine leather laptop bag, while another would like getting cute sticky notes and memo pads with fun characters. Handmade notebooks, custom letterheads and high-quality pens can all make great gifts, too.


Event tickets

Tickets to a show, concert, class, game or another event that you think they might enjoy can make a great gift and show your employee that you pay attention to their interests. Depending on your budget, you can get your employee a season pass to a certain type of event or find one-time tickets that they can redeem. You can also consider giving them a voucher or a gift card to a local venue so that they can choose the activity.


Thank you cards

Writing a simple thank you card is a kind gesture that you can do regardless of your budget for employee gifts. Personalize the letter to highlight a few recent employee accomplishments that you especially appreciated. Handwritten notes show the employee that you’re genuinely and personally appreciative of their work.


Equipment upgrades

Replacing their old chair with a comfortable, ergonomic chair is a great gift that has a positive impact on their workday. New headsets, monitors, keyboards, adjustable standing desks, sunlight lamps and phone-charging stations can all upgrade employee efficiency and comfort, showing your team that you appreciate their hard work and want to make their day easier.


Selecting the right gift for your employee

Use these tips to choose the perfect gift for your administrative assistant:


Set a budget

Decide ahead of time how much money you’re able to spend on gifts for your employees. Handmade gifts, thoughtful notes and in-office activities can be affordable ways to show appreciation, but giving larger gifts can be a great boost to morale if you have the resources.



Personalize gifts with the employee’s name, interests or favorite colors to make the gesture more meaningful. 


Poll your employees

Ask your employees what kinds of gifts and tokens they appreciate the most. Getting their direct feedback allows you to give thoughtful gifts that employees will actually use.

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