4 Examples of Great Job Postings

Finding outstanding employees for your company requires patience and thought — particularly when it comes to your job posting. With a well-crafted and eye-catching job posting, you’ll have a better chance of receiving excellent candidates. Learn what makes a job posting great, review examples of great job postings and read answers to frequently asked questions about great job postings. 


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Editor’s Summary:

  • Reviewing examples of great job postings can give you inspiration to create your own.
  • The best job postings answer two questions candidates typically have: “Am I a fit for this job?” and “Is this job a fit for me?”
  • Including compensation and benefits/perks information in your job post can help it stand out.
  • Consider including your employee value proposition (EVP), which explains the different opportunities candidates will get by working for your company.
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What makes a job posting great?

Job postings continue to improve, particularly as new methods of sharing open position information evolve. A few features that make a job posting great include:

  • Media: Photos and videos to attract the attention of interested job searchers
  • Design: Overlays and other branding elements that make the job posting’s design unique
  • Departmental content: Links to content about the department
  • Location content: Links to information about the office, city or other location-based information
  • Employee reviews: Testimonials from current or past employees describing their feelings about the job

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Examples of great job postings

Here are some examples of job postings to refer to as you build your own: 



Here’s a recent job posting excerpt from Hootsuite

  • “Make an impact: Working at the speed of social, we create value for our customers by delivering solutions that power relationships at scale. Our pace of work enables fast learning and fosters an environment where you can stretch yourself and make an impact.
  • Learn and grow: We’re committed to growing the capabilities of our people. We are building a learning community where you can work with diverse individuals, explore new ways of thinking, and expand your capabilities. Our employees are teachers and learners who work out loud and share their knowledge to enhance each other’s growth.

We are dedicated to building a diverse community, one where employees feel a sense of belonging, and are valued for their contributions and the perspectives they bring. Our purpose is to champion the power of human connection and the heart of connection is inclusion. You belong here.”

In each of Hootsuite’s job postings, they share their company’s values and emphasize the importance of hiring a team member who shares these beliefs. Hootsuite does an effective job at explaining what kind of employee would be a great fit at their company. This allows candidates to gain a stronger understanding of what it’d be like to work there. It also helps them understand if the company has a culture they’d like to be a part of. 

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Earls Kitchen + Bar

Here’s a recent job posting from Earls Kitchen + Bar:

“How we elevate YOUR game:

Joining Earls comes with perks to support you in your personal and professional journey.

  • Teamwork: experience what being a part of the Earls family feels like. Be inspired by your leaders, be encouraged and cheered on by your teammates to live a big life, and be supported in your whole life working while you work with us.
  • Learning + Development: take on leadership development programs and goal setting to create big possibilities for your career and life. Develop within the company; be mentored and grown as a leader from the minute you’re hired. Check out our Leadership Log and get a taste of what’s in store for you.”

This job posting from Earls Kitchen + Bar gives candidates a more personal connection to the business, making them feel more driven and motivated to be on the team. It also provides an employee value proposition, which explains the different opportunities candidates will get from the company if they work for them.



Here’s a recent job posting snippet from McAfee:

“Company Benefits and Perks:

We work hard to embrace diversity and inclusion and encourage everyone at McAfee to bring their authentic selves to work every day. We offer a variety of social programs, flexible work hours and family-friendly benefits to all of our employees.

  • Pension and Retirement Plans
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Support for Community Involvement”

Many candidates are committed to working for companies that embrace diversity and inclusion. McAfee constantly mentions this in their job postings. This tells candidates that they value an inclusive work culture and want employees who share these similar interests. They also mention unique perks and benefits that they provide to their employees, including parental leave and community involvement support. 


ADT Security Services 

Consider this recent job posting sample:

“A day in the life of a Customer Service Agent can look like:

  • Providing technical support and troubleshooting devices across ADT systems.
  • Helping customers understand the ADT noble purpose and providing customer lifestyle solutions.
  • Coaching, team meetings or 1:1 development time to grow and develop your career at ADT.”

This job posting gives a clear explanation of what candidates will expect when they onboard with the company and start working in the available position. The job responsibilities ADT Security Services mentions also feature programs or opportunities for employees to help them grow and advance both in their career and throughout the company. 


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Frequently asked questions about great job postings

How do you create job postings?

You can create job postings by evaluating your hiring needs and the skills you’re looking for in an ideal candidate. Research similar jobs on popular job listing sites and use them as a reference.

What's the difference between a job profile and a job description?

A job profile is a high-level overview and vague outline of a position open at a company. A job description is a more detailed statement that lists specific information about a role, like the duties and responsibilities, purpose and scope of the role.

How do I write a job vacancy advertisement for a job I don't know well?

Before you write the job advertisement, work with the department manager to get more details about the position. This includes the duties and responsibilities, skills and other qualifications the department head prefers the ideal candidate to have. Once you have this information, build the rest of the job advertisement by highlighting your company’s background, employee value proposition and company values.

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