Boosting Employee Morale: Steps You Can Take This Week

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Employee morale is an essential part of good business operations. Positive employees are more productive, innovative, and engaged. They tend to stay with employers longer, excel in teams and care sincerely about their employers’ success and profitability. Improving employee morale can radically shift your company. This article provides helpful steps to boost employee morale.


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Employee morale basics

Employee morale refers to the overall outlook, confidence, attitude and satisfaction of employees at a workplace. Positivity at work drastically increases productivity and potentially, profits. When employees are happy and motivated, they perform higher quality work, collaborate better in teams and are more innovative. Improving employee morale is a “win” for everyone.


How to boost morale

Improving morale can make a substantial impact on the future of your organization. Use these tips to make your company an uplifting work environment:

  1. Say thank you
  2. Champion work-life balance
  3. Promote from within
  4. Offer more vacation days
  5. Give incentives
  6. Build teams


1. Say thank you

The importance of this simple step cannot be overestimated. Showing your employees you respect them makes a world of difference. Give thank you notes, birthday lunches, gift certificates for putting in extra hours, recognition of achievements at team meetings and other acknowledgments. Making employees feel acknowledged and appreciated can deeply improve morale.


2.Champion work-life balance

Show that your employees’ work-life balance is important by offering memberships or discounts to fitness clubs or classes. Have a yoga instructor teach classes on mediation or stress reduction. Consider work-at-home or flex days so employees can better manage their personal and work lives. Supporting a better work-life balance can lighten the overall energy of your workplace.


3. Promote from within

Employees work harder when there is a tangible reward for their efforts. Develop and promote people from within the organization. This can significantly improve the attitude of employees when they see talent and quality work recognized.


4. Offer more vacation days

Many employees take fewer vacation days than they earn. Unfortunately, when employees do not take time from work to restore themselves, it can negatively affect employee morale. Offer more vacation days and promote their use. Well rested and refreshed employees have a better attitude toward their work and colleagues. They also frequently produce higher quality work and better ideas for your company.


5. Offer incentives

Offering commissions, bonuses and even simple rewards for quality performance will go a long way to increase morale. Build incentive programs on clearly-articulated goals and offer incentives that your employees truly value.


6. Build teams

Great teams produce high-quality work. Team building brings members together for fun activities that strengthen bonds and develop teamwork. It can significantly improve the performance of teams and individuals, leading to an overall boost in employee morale.


Last thoughts on boosting morale

Getting creative is the best way to boost morale. Each person in your company is an individual, and they all have different needs and abilities. Make each person feel like their well-being is valued and that you care.
Improve the overall dynamic of how you treat your employees and you will see happier employees and higher quality work.

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