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25 Business Name Generators to Get You Started With Choosing a Company Name

One of the most exciting steps involved in starting a business is choosing a creative company name. For many, that’s the moment when it truly feels like they own a business. But figuring out how to come up with a business name for your new company can be challenging, especially when your perfect name is already in use. Business name generators can help you find creative and effective company names available for trademark with .com domains.

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Why business name selection is important

Once you select your name, you’ll register your business, buy domain names and create social media accounts. Everything you present to the public includes your name. It’s an important part of your branding and helps people quickly identify what your company does. It also gives consumers a first impression about your business, and it sticks with your company. Sure, you can change the name later, but it’s a lot of work and you lose the momentum you’ve already built under your original name.

What is a business name generator?

A business name generator is an online tool that uses a series of inputs to search the internet for companies that use your keywords. It then suggests unique names not yet in use to help you find creative business name options. Business or company name generators help entrepreneurs create a business name by introducing new and unique keyword combinations or suggesting related termsyou might not think of.

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Benefits of using a business name generator

You can benefit from using a business name generator in many ways. Using a company name generator lets you:

  • Save time: Brainstorming business name ideas with a company name generator is fast. It takes only a few minutes to input your keywords and see potential names.
  • Use relevant data:Business name generators pull information from the internet to help list potential names with high SEO.
  • Avoid duplication:Most business name generators won’t suggest names already trademarked or in use, keeping you from picking a name you can’t have.
  • Target your brand:Using keywords as a starting point ensures that the name generator’s ideas relate directly to your brand.
  • Find unique ideas:Business name generators often create and suggest unique company names that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.
  • Save money:Many business name generators are free to use.
  • Search by industry: Business name generators can provide industry-specific names that fit well with your competitors.

Tips for using a business name generator and selecting a name

When using a business name generator to help you find the perfect name for your new company, consider these tips and best practices:

  • Be creative:Let your ideas guide you. Use the name generator with an open mind and avoid preconceived notions of what you’ll discover.
  • Go broad: Choosea wide range of keywords and inputs when using the name generator. The more information you give the algorithm, the more ideas it will give you.
  • Check availability:If the company name generator suggests a business name you like, check that it’s not trademarked in your state and the URL domain is available. Many company name generator sites do this automatically, but it’s always good to double-check.
  • Use more than one:Consider using multiple brand name generator websites. They all employ slightly different algorithms to produce name ideas, so working with more than one generator can result in a broader range of name options.

After you’ve compiled a list of generator business names, use these tips to help you select your ideal name:

  • Check the spelling:Ensure there aren’t spelling errors in the name, and use the most common spelling so your company comes up in internet searches.
  • Keep it simple:Simpler names are typically easier for consumers to remember. Cut out any unnecessary language, and avoid special characters or text-speak words and abbreviations to avoid confusion.
  • Make it unique: Make sure your name isn’t too similar to any competitors. It should be easy to understand, say and spell, and not too much like another company’s name.
  • Check availability on other platforms:A business name may not be registered in your state, and the domain name might be available. But, it’s also a good idea to check social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see if the name is available as a username on those places. This allows you to use consistent naming across all platforms where you represent your company.
  • Plan to grow:Keep your company name relatively broad so you have room to expand and scale your business in the future. If the name is solely focused on what you do, it won’t fit if you switch directions or expand your niche. Avoid anything that’s too trendy, as it could sound outdated quickly.

Popular online business name generators

You can use a variety of company name generators to help you find ideas. Here are 25 business name generators that have helped many companies find the perfect moniker. When you’re ready to brainstorm your company’s name, go to a few of these popular business name generators to get started:

FAQs about business name generators

Does my business structure affect the naming requirements?

The business structure you choose can impact the name you can pick to some degree. State rules for establishing a business structure vary, but many require you to include a word that indicates the structure. For example, your official business name might need to have “incorporated,” “limited” or “corporation” somewhere in it if you’re starting a corporation. If you’re forming an LLC, you may need to include “LLC” or “limited liability company” as part of your business name. Review the processes for forming different types of businesses in your state to learn the naming requirements.

How do I register my business name?

Once you settle on a winner from a business name generator, you need to register your business name with the state. This prevents other businesses from legally using the same name. In most states, you’ll register your business name when you complete your paperwork to establish your business structure. For example, if you form an LLC, your business name gets registered when you file the paperwork.

How else can I come up with a business name?

Business name generators can give you a starting point and spark your creativity for business names. Taking additional steps can help you choose or refine the suggestions. Consider other local or online businesses in your niche to avoid being too similar. Check for businesses in completely unrelated fields that have a similar name to avoid confusion with your company.

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